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Opensourcevarsity would love to publish your guest Blog posts

There are a large number of really talented writers in the Blog sphere. OSV is looking forward to showcase their talent.

There is real value added to you when your guest Blog post(s) are displayed on Opensourcevarsity. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, hence I´m going to let a picture describe the value added to you if you guest Blog on OSV.

Guest Blog 1 image

Guest Blog 1 image

Advantages Of Guest Blogging

You may or may not be an established blogger in your niche but search engine result page ranking is always topmost on all Blogger´s minds. Search engine, result page ranking gets an enormous boost when you have a ton of back links to your Blog post. Back links are required by any Blog to flourish and reach authoritative status in the Blog sphere.

Over time every Blogger managers to capture some dedicated followers. These read your Blog posts religiously. BUT is this enough to raise your Blog to an authoritative status in the Blog sphere?

Oh!!! – Absolutely NOT.

All Bloggers need new and unique visitors, to visit their Blog site daily. Site visitors who:

Would like the Blog content
Who would be happy to build a community around the Blog site
Via their contacts expand the community around your Blog site

So how do you get all of this from – Guest Blogging On OSV?

Guest Blogging on OSV, automatically gets your Blog post exposed to the dedicated community of followers of the OSV Blog. Our Blog post readers do not hesitate to share / like your Blog post within their social network circles if they like what they read. This makes your Blog post content suddenly viral, helping bring it extra swarm of focused Blog website visitors.

This make your Guest Blog post very interesting to search engines, which helps move your Blog / Website to the authoritative status it deserves. BTW, you will never be – just a guest blogger at Opensourcevarsity, you will be a part of a great, helpful, technical community.

The number of back links permitted

All Guest Blog posts accepted for publication can have a single link embedded within an article of 500+ words. As well as a signature link and a brief author intro. Thus a maximum of two links are permitted within all Guest Blog content.

What would make Opensourcevarsity publish your – Guest Post?

It should be original and above a 500 word count (the larger the number of words the better)
It should be related to our niche

[ All things Open source, Blogging tips, SEO, SEM, SMM, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and similar stuff ]

No gadget reviews, list posts or software version updates please
Your guest blog post should add value to our readers in some measureable way. They must feel they benefited because they read your guest Blog post.
No self promotion or affiliate links please

What does OSV expect of the – The Author

Have a Gravatar ready profile.
The profile will be complete and filled up.
If you find a related post on the topic you are guest posting writing on, somewhere else on the internet, please do go ahead and mention it. This definitely adds value to your guest post.
Do not neglect your guest Blog post after its published. Make it a point to reply to reader comments.
Definitely answer reader queries. This is how you build your faithful reader base. Via interaction.
After making a post on OSV, check your SERP´s constantly and smile

How Does OSV accept Guest Blog Posts?

Register to Guest Blog here.

You have to Register on Opensourcevarsity first. That will take not take more than a minute.

Send in your Blog Posts via Email to:

Send in your Blog posts in either one of two formats: HTML or M.S. Word ( I would prefer HTML )

As soon as we receive your submission, we will read your guest Blog post and if it´s acceptable we will publish it within day or two. When we publish your guest Blog post we will send you and Email with a link to it so that you can have a look.

We shall not edit or modify your post content in any case. It is either approved or rejected. We will communicate to you accordingly.

Which Guest Blog posts will be rejected?

The content of the guest Blog post must be original, and should not be reproduced anywhere else. Even if it´s on your own blog / website.

OSV is prepared to publish only original, never before displayed, Guest Blog posts.

Plagiarism is just not accepted.

Grammatical errors, usage of unprofessional language, irresponsible comments

Copyright infringements

If the Guest Blog post contains backlinks to Blog / Websites containing adult ( or any other material we deem to be offensive )

If the Guest Blog post contains backlinks to Blog / Websites selling medication of any kind

If the Guest Blog post contains backlinks to Blog / Websites other than the author´s own Blog / Website

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