Inbound Marketing Methodology – Convert Strangers to Customers to Advocates.

Inbound Marketing

How To Convert Strangers To Customers To Advocates

In today’s Internet driven world, the only way to consistently convert strangers to paying customers and paying customers to your business advocates, is using Inbound Marketing.

Yet there are a ton of businesses on the web who still persist in using outbound marketing strategies to market their products / services. They are losing both market share and income. Their profit and loss sheet must reflect this.

For Internet driven businesses to survive (and thrive) it’s absolutely necessary to move to Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing Diagram 1

Diagram 1 – The workflow of Inbound Marketing.

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Endless Online Income Opportunities?

Endless Online Income Opportunities

Over the years, from what I’ve seen, few people looking to earn online, seem to completely grasp the enormous opportunity the net has to offer.

It’s more than leveled the playing field.


Some folks say, it’s all been done.

Others say the competition is too great.

Neither statement is true.

And I’m going to tell you why…

The “why” is the fact that there is ALWAYS room for improvement. There is ALWAYS room for new ideas. There is ALWAYS room for a different twist.

Here’s some food for thought…

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How to Build a Facebook Following Effectively

Build a Facebook Following Effectively

One of the keys to building a very successful business online is to have a good social network presence and following.

Social Networks are a great place to build a targeted following, and also connect with your followers and blog subscribers online.

The most popular social network right now is Facebook.

Facebook Statistics as of 2015

According to recent statistics, Facebook have reached 1.44 Billion users.

Approximately 82.8% of the daily active users are outside the US and Canada.

An average of 798 million of Facebook users access the site from their mobile phones.

As for age groups, 29% of the users are between 25 and 34 years old. The next age group, from 16 to 24 years, is about 25% of the Facebook users.

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Write A Blog Post Quickly

Did You Know You Can Write A Blog Post In 3.5 Hours?

Read this Blog post to learn how to write a Blog post quickly, while still delivering awesome quality and content.

When I attend Blogging meetups I’m often asked how long it takes for me to create one of my Blog posts, my usual reply is around 180 minutes. This almost always leads to a gasp and/or chuckle of disbelief from all those listening, occasionally a definite sneer of disbelief.

Then the question comes, what’s the average number of words contained in your Blog post?

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9 Optimization Tips For Social Media Marketing

Social-Media-Marketing Image

There are a ton of companies today who spend a fair amount of money executing both paid and organic social media strategies.  These strategies are either being defined by an in-house digital marketing team or by a digital marketing house to which such work has been sub-contracted.  Here are 9 optimization tips for social media marketing that I use.

Whatever the approach taken, the plain truth is there is considerable time and money being spent on social media marketing by businesses BUT in a whole bunch of such cases there is apparently no measurable Return On Investment (ROI).  This is what I constantly keep hearing from the many small and medium sized businesses I consult with.

I believe this essentially due to a lack of a:

  • Great social media marketing strategy

i.e. The SMM strategy perhaps being defined by someone who is not intimate with SM streams

  • Planned, consistent, sustained execution of the strategy
  • Checking Google analytics and tweaking the strategy as/when necessary

Social Media is really an excellent medium to engage with your audience.  Today social media marketing is being used as the perfect medium to drive down cost per lead in marketing campaigns.

With this as the backdrop, here are 9 social media things, which you should be doing which will ensure that you get a great ROI for you social media marketing efforts.

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Do You Avoid Backing Up Your WordPress Website?

WordPress Backup

At various WordPress meetups where I speak, I’ve often had participants walk up and ask what they should be doing to protect their WordPress driven website. They are genuinely concerned about losing all the valuable content they have so painstakingly created and made available to site visitors on their website. The solution is really so simple that I’m foxed they don’t see it – its backing up your WordPress website.

My first question to them is:

Do you backup your WordPress driven website regularly? Especially if you’ve added, changed or deleted content on the site.

My thoughts being that a WordPress backup ought to be a top priority on their site security checklist. Too often the answer I get takes my breath away. What I hear often belongs to the realm of terrible WordPress myths. Apparently, backing up their WordPress website is pretty much the same as them taking no action at all to ensure their WordPress driven site security.

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Yes You Can Make Your WordPress Admin Dashboard Look Unique

WordPress Admin Dashboard Look Unique

WordPress is probably the most commonly used Content Management Systems (CMS) in use on the Internet.  There are tens of thousands WP themes available for use today. Tons are free some are modestly priced. 98% of these WP themes are focused on the delivering a great user experience to site visitors. They are what is called front end themes. Regretfully, the WordPress Admin Dashboard stays boringly the same across all these fabulous looking websites.

Selling premium WordPress themes that are used to skin a WP driven website is a really big business. Turning around millions of dollars for the websites that sell such themes and the theme creators. Okay, okay, so not all WP theme creators are turning around millions of dollars but a good many are, which is why WP theme creation and its selling is in truth a big business.

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6 Best WordPress Security Plugins 2015

WordPress Security Plugins Image

73 million websites are built using WordPress and this number is growing exponentially every day. Hence, today it’s pretty important to be aware of the excellent WordPress Security Plugins available for use.

WordPress has matured into far more than the Blogging system it set out to be. Today it is the most commonly used content management system for building websites, which also have the capability of delivering Blog posts to a site visitor.  With this in mind ensuring that your WordPress driven website is kept safe and secure, by installing and configuring one of the excellent WordPress Security Plugins available, is a very sensible thing to do.

While the WordPress core is very secure, regretfully this security level can be seriously degraded due not keeping the WordPress core up to date, installing a nasty plugin or a bad theme or both.

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9 Essential WordPress Plugins For A Professional WordPress Blog

Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress has been specifically created so that non-technical, but talented writers can install, configure and run a Blog site successfully. I think that the greatest attribute built into the WordPress core, is how easy it is to extend the functionality of the WP core using essential wordpress plugins.

While the built-in WordPress Admin interface delivers pretty much all the functionality that you may need as Blog site owner, there is some WP Admin functionality that becomes easier to deal with using a plugin.  In this Blog post I’d like to share my experiences with various WP Admin plugins I’ve used either on my own Blog or installed and configured for a client on their Blog.

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Do You Expect A Shake Up In Digital Marketing Strategies In 2015?

Digital Marketing Strategies Image

Digital marketing strategies are often described as a seemingly erratic volatile space to work in. The moment you believe you’ve wrapped your mind around the nuances of a specific digital marketing vertical such as let’s say Facebook marketing, FB changes the rules of the game and you’re back to square one.

It’s almost as though, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest deliberately choose to churn things around every once in a while just to ensure that the lives of Digital Marketers have a touch of excitement in them.  I often wonder what’s the big idea of having to be constantly dancing with the changes being made? Versus Sticking to the tried and tested, which unfortunately is in the throes of a delicately nuanced upheaval.

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