How to Do Guest Blogging

how do to guest blogging

Do you want to know the most important strategy for increasing your traffic, gaining loyal readers and building relationships with other bloggers? It’s Guest Blogging.

What is guest blogging?

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Why Are Focused Site Visitors Great For Your Website?

Drive More Traffic To Your Site

Focused site visitors are what make a website successful. Focused site visitors are those who want what your website has to offer. All website owners know this. Without any site visitors or poorly focused site visitors a website cannot add any value to the website owner at all.

Website visitors are people to come to the website in their search of products or services that they need. When this is true, this could result in the website converting the site visitor to a paying customer.  Focused site visitors are the kind of traffic that produces online revenues from sales via your website.

There are websites that get 20 site visitors a day, other websites may get around 200 visitors a day, yet other sites may get 5000 visitors a day, in this scenario it’s quite possible that the website getting 20 visitors a day earns as much as the website that get 200 visitors a day.

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Never Understood Your Website Google Analytics Stats?

Google Analytics Image

I believe that almost every website on the Internet today has a Google Analytics account which helps to show all the Google Analytics stats. Most website developers create the GA account for the website owner and embeds the code snippet given by Google into the web page template.

The website owner feels great about owning a GA account and subsequently time stands still.

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Can You Make Your Website Visitor Friendly?

Often when I visit websites I notice that a fair amount of effort has gone into the website’s design elements. The website looks great. Then I begin to navigate around the website trying to access material that is of interest to me, and it hits me. The same amount of effort that was put into the website to make the website visitor friendly . Based on my website experiences , I thought that I’d write about a few website things that one can and should do to make your website visitor friendly. A really amazing thing that happens is that when a website is visitor friendly the website is seo friendly as well.

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Does Your Landing Page Really Convert Inbound Traffic?

Landing Pages

Very often when one takes a long hard look at a website’s landing page traffic, a common error will be noticed. The landing page is very – Generic – in nature, it’s trying to convert well for all types of visitors.  Such a landing page will regretfully never convert as well as it should. Landing pages cannot be all things to all site visitors a fact that is all too often overlooked by website designers, copywriters and/or owners.

All site visitors that hit a website are certainly not the same. Visitors who come to the site from a LinkedIn or Facebook page would be very different from those who hit the site via Google.

Hence the perennial question – How to maximize website conversion rates by increasing traffic to your landing page?

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Does Your E-Commerce Website Have A Value Proposition?

Value Proposition

Okay, so you’ve built a great E-Commerce website. The design is impeccable, colors and images carefully chosen. A photo shoot was commissioned so that the images are original and fresh. The content (copy) carefully crafted.

On page SEO blended into webpage content and Off page SEO processes are applied consistently. Google analytics indicates that sufficient traffic is visiting the website.


None of the site visitors are transacting any business on the website. In fact it seems that they do not stay long enough on the website to reach transaction mode.

Something must be going wrong.

Step back a bit then take a long careful look at the E-Commerce website’s Home page and all its other pages.

Does the E-Commerce website Home page (and all the other pages) on the website deliver a clean, clear value proposition to the site visitor?

Very likely not, which is probably a prime reason why site visitors are not staying on your E-Commerce website long enough to transact any business.

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Oh Yes ! Social Media Can Be Used For SEO

Increase Profits Via SMM

All too often businesses do not fully understand and exploit – Social Media – to expand.  Having said that as of today there are very few businesses that deny the social media marketing is important for their growth.  Whether a business has the ability to understand and exploit – Social Media – for business expansion social media marketing is here to stay.

It’s really up to each business to make sure that it uses social media to its best advantage. There are a ton of advantages to using Social Media Marketing (SMM) for growing business:

  • Enhanced customer service
  • Brand recognition
  • Lasting customer relationships
  • Multiple fans and followers that can be converted to paying customers
  • Multiple – Likes – that will help push the business deeper among customers

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is yet another technique used by business for marketing themselves online.  Millions of customers use search engines like Google, Bing, ( among others ) to locate what they are searching for on the Internet.

Any business that cannot be found in a search engine is invisible to millions of potential customers. Such invisibility is detrimental to any business. SEO and SMM do not exist in complete isolation of each other.  There must be a strong blend of SEO techniques applied to all SMM material created and deployed. The SEO techniques blended in help the SMM material to get found by potential customers. This does translate into money in a bank account at the end of the day.

Here are a few useful tips that you can apply to your SMM activities which aids SEO.

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Can Tweets Be Used For SEO?

Using Twitter for SEO

Links Tweeted on Twitter Matter for SEO

Google and Bing, currently include the links within Tweets when determining a website page rank. Several authority sites have posted on this issue of late.  Do have a look at the post made by Danny Sullivan in his December 1, 2010 post on Search Engine Land.

Let’s keep firmly focused on Google ( with a quiet eye on Bing ). Google uses hundreds of different signals, delivered via the Internet, to determine how it should rank a website page. Some of these signals would be:

  • The number of inbound links to that page
  • Its webpage title tag
  • Site load speed
  • Visitor bounce rate
  • And so on.

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Mapping Business Cycles And SEO

Business Models

Marketing a brick and mortar business is driven by seasons. What this means is that business processes that determine income are not constant year round, but morph depending on seasons.  Hence, marketing processes for a brick and mortar business are not identical across all seasons in the year, but change to create varying seasonal – Client appeal – for the business as the business process change.

Internet delivered businesses are no different. Marketing techniques used for Internet business need to change seasonally as well. This means that Internet marketing campaigns run to market any Web / Blog site should change to fit the season of the year.

Web / Blog site business seasonal cycles must be understood, documented and referenced when deciding on an SEO strategy.  The site’s SEO strategy has a direct impact on the success of its marketing campaign.  What one must bear in mind is that a seasonal business cycle will vary greatly across business models, for example  seasonal / cyclical changes within B2B business and B2C businesses. Once this is known and pegged, an effective SEO strategy needs to be built around such information.

Among the multiple business cycles that support businesses, what should be tracked carefully is their:

  • Sales cycle
  • Conversion cycle
  • SEO cycle

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How To Encourage Site Visitors To Stay

Visitors to your website

When site visitors fail to stay on your site long enough to realize how much value you site adds to them it’s a lose:lose for both the website owner and the visitor.The website owner just cannot connect with the site visitor, build trust, which helps get the site visitor to purchase products and services available on the website.Here are some tried and tested – free ways – to encourage site visitors to stay longer on your website, which can become a win:win for both.

Site Search:

Once your website has exceeded about 15 pages or so, it’s a great idea to add a – Search Facility – to your website. Place the site – Search – text box prominently on the website. Some where in the top right hand corner of the website’s head section is the usual position.

Label the search text box clearly and simply use – Search it´s a great label for the website´s search text box.

Definitely test the website Search system. Establish whether the site search process works accurately or does not.  If it does not, then get it fixed.  Having a site search system that works erratically is a lot worse than having no site search system at all.

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