8 Things You Receive When You Guest Blog

Guest Blogging is a give and take situation. This post focuses on 8 things you receive when you guest blog and why it is a no brainer for bloggers wanting to make it big online.

Let’s get right to it! Here are 8 things you receive when you guest blog:

1) New Links and Citations

Getting a link or a citation is one of the first benefits that come to mind when people think of guest blogging. However, ever since Matt Cutts condemned guest posting for link-building purposes, many bloggers started thinking that guest posting is dead.

It’s not.

Guest blogging has way too many benefits beyond SEO. Due to Google, some blogs today nofollow links on guest posts. This though, is a non-issue for serious bloggers due to the other guest blogging benefits that are discussed below.

2) More Traffic

Writing on someone else’s blog exposes you to a new audience. This creates opportunities for you to send a part of that audience towards your own blog. Often times, guest-bloggers link to their website in the author byline and sometimes even within the article itself.

Especially if you’re a beginner blogger, writing an article on someone else’s blog can drive even more traffic to your website than if you had written it on your own blog!

3) New Email Subscribers

If you have a tempting freebie on offer such as an ebook or report, then the new visitors that you drive to your website might subscribe to join your email list. This is a very common tactic used by online marketing experts.

The size of a blogger’s email list is very important because it shows the number of readers that a blogger is actively building a relationship with. Many expert bloggers argue that the size of a blogger’s email list is the most important metric of a blogger’s influence.

Guest blogging on popular blogs with tens of thousands of readers can routinely get a blogger tens of subscribers per guest post.

4) Important Blogger Relationships

When you contribute a post on someone else’s website, you’re saving the blogger precious time and effort.

Furthermore, if you share the article with your social media network, then you are helping them by extending the reach of their blog. Plus if you really want to make a great impression, ask a friend to leave a well thought-out comment on your guest post.

When you contribute a blog post, you’re actually giving quite a bit to the other blogger. All this creates a great foundation to develop a mutually beneficial professional relationship for the future.

5) Added Credibility

The fact that bloggers trust you to contribute to their blog speaks volumes about your credibility. The more you guest blog, the more you can prove your credibility by showcasing your guest posts.

Each guest post you have published is like a certificate of trust from one blogger to another.

If you regularly guest post on someone else’s blog, you can even ask them to give you a testimonial for your blogging efforts.

6) More Twitter Followers

If you include your Twitter handle in your author byline, some readers might check out your Twitter account and start following you.

7) New Insights

The more you guest post, the more you expose yourself to different blogs and different audiences. You start learning that certain niches react differently to

particular subjects and this gives you a specialist’s insight that gives you an edge on beginner bloggers.

If you can inform your perspectives from your blogging experiences, then you are already ahead of the crowd as most unsuccessful bloggers never look beyond their blog’s tiny audience.

8) Reciprocal Writing

It follows that if you contribute blog posts to a particular blog and develop a good relationship with the other website’s blogger, it is more likely that s/he might

one day contribute to your own blog.

As explained earlier, this would be great because it saves you precious time. In the time you save from blogging on your own blog, you could contribute to someone else’s blog!

Remember that you can still maintain a relationship with your readers via your email newsletter.

To Conclude

The motto of Business Networking International (BNI), one of the largest global networking organisations is, Givers Gain. This mentality applies to guest blogging, in which by dedicating time and contributing content, you are gaining both directly and indirectly.

Guest-blogging is here to stay and the fact that most popular bloggers are doing it indicates that you should be doing it too.

What are your views on guest blogging?

March 31, 2016
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