9 Optimization Tips For Social Media Marketing

There are a ton of companies today who spend a fair amount of money executing both paid and organic social media strategies.  These strategies are either being defined by an in-house digital marketing team or by a digital marketing house to which such work has been sub-contracted.  Here are 9 optimization tips for social media marketing that I use.

Whatever the approach taken, the plain truth is there is considerable time and money being spent on social media marketing by businesses BUT in a whole bunch of such cases there is apparently no measurable Return On Investment (ROI).  This is what I constantly keep hearing from the many small and medium sized businesses I consult with.

I believe this essentially due to a lack of a:

  • Great social media marketing strategy

i.e. The SMM strategy perhaps being defined by someone who is not intimate with SM streams

  • Planned, consistent, sustained execution of the strategy
  • Checking Google analytics and tweaking the strategy as/when necessary

Social Media is really an excellent medium to engage with your audience.  Today social media marketing is being used as the perfect medium to drive down cost per lead in marketing campaigns.

With this as the backdrop, here are 9 social media things, which you should be doing which will ensure that you get a great ROI for you social media marketing efforts.

9 Optimization Tips For Social Media Marketing

  • Use More Visuals
  • Create Content
  • Engage Users
  • Find Your Perfect Timing
  • Test Using Social Advertisements
  • Use Hashtags Right
  • Optimize Posts for Different Platforms
  • Post Less About Yourself
  • Master Mobile Marketing

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