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Accept And Refund Payments In A PayPal Personal Account

If you run a PayPal personal account, when payment is received, it does not get credited automatically to your account. The merchant has to Login to this personal account and manually accept or refuse the payment from the customer. Once a payment is accepted a merchant can also refund this payment for various reasons.

NOTE: If you run a Premier or Business PayPal Account, when payment is received it gets credited to your account automatically.

The information contained in this tutorial teaches you, step by step, how to accept or refund payments in your PayPal Personal Merchant account.

Accept Payments:

To accept payment in PayPal personal account, login to your PayPal personal account by simply entering the URL in your Browser.

The homepage of PayPal loads as shown in Diagram 1. PayPal is capable of sensing that the site visitor is coming in from India, hence in diagram 1. India centric information is being displayed.

diagram1 Diagram 1

Click on the Log In button in order to login to PayPal as shown in Diagram 2.

diagram2 Diagram 2

Enter the appropriate PayPal Email address and password ( which you provided while creating your personal account in PayPal ) and then click on Log In as shown in Diagram 3.

diagram3 Diagram 3

As soon as you login to your personal PayPal account, a list of transactions is displayed. Payment transactions will display their Order status as Accept. On clicking the drop down arrow of Accept an option to Refuse payment is displayed.

In order to accept payment into a personal PayPal account, the merchant is required to click on Accept as shown in Diagram 4.

diagram4 Diagram 4

Before accepting the payment, a Note is displayed stating that if you accept this payment, any other payments that are being held in your personal account with a Pending status will automatically be accepted as shown in Diagram 5.

If you are ready to accept your all payments then, click Accept Payment as shown in Diagram 5.

diagram5 Diagram 5

As you click on Accept Payment a screen appears as Payment Accept Complete. The screen also displays a Note informing you that other payments held in your account with Pending status have also been accepted as shown in Diagram 6.

diagram6 Diagram 6

Refund Payments:

At times, when a customer has purchased a product(s) and paid through PayPal and due to reasons like shipping delays, product damage in shipping, product not delivered on a specific date, the wrong product delivered, or any reason whatsoever, the customer can asked the merchant for a refund.

The merchant can send refunds within 60 days of receiving a payment. If the period exceeds more than 60 days from the day of payment received, the merchant has to use the Send Money tab to send the refund.

Once the payment is accepted by the merchant the Order Status changes from Accept to Issue Refund. The merchant has to click on Issue refund button as shown in Diagram 7.

diagram7 Diagram 7

On clicking the Issue refund button, the merchant is given a choice about the type of level of refund being issued. The merchant can issue either a full or partial refund within 60 days after original payment was received and accepted.

To issue a refund, enter the amount in the Refund Amount field and Click on Continue as shown in Diagram 8.

diagram8 Diagram 8

Confirm the refund details by clicking Issue Refund button as shown in Diagram 9.

NOTE: If any changes in refund amount click on Edit button.

diagram9 Diagram 9

The Refund successfully completed message is displayed. A message indicating that an Email with refund details has also been sent to the recipient is also shown as shown in Diagram 10.

You can go back to your Personal PayPal Account by clicking on the link Go to My Account, to view the transaction status which indicates that the amount has been refunded as shown in Diagram 10.

diagram10 Diagram 10

Here you will see the transaction’s Payment Status as Refunded, as shown in Diagram 11.

diagram11 Diagram 11

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