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Apache Web Server (2.X.XX) Installation


To install apache web server on Windows / XP / Vista :

Run the setup file of Apache web server which was dowloaded and saved to your harddisk earlier by double clicking on it.

Please take a look at our tutorial Download Apache Web Server.

Click Next as shown in Diagram 1

Apache Web Server Installation Wizard Diagram 1

On click of Next the Apache License screen will be shown as shown in Diagram 2

Apache Installation License Agreement Diagram 2

Click Next and a screen will be displayed which contains information that should be read prior the install process starting as shown in Diagram 3

Apache HTTP Server Prior Install Information Diagram 3

Click Next and enter the Server Information details as explained below and shown in Diagram 4

Network Domain any name can be given

Server Name any name can be given

Administrator’s Email Address should be a valid email address
(If apache server fails, then Apache sends a Email to the Administrators Email address)

Select the radio button – For All Users, on Apache Port 8080, as a service – Recommended

Apache Server Information on Installation Wizard Diagram 4

Click Next and choose ‘Typical’ as the type of setup as shown in Diagram 5

Choosing Setup Type During Installation Diagram 5

The Path to the folder where Apache will be installed is displayed. Change this if you wish Apache to be installed in any folder on your harddisk other than its default. Then Click Next as shown in Diagram 6

Path to the folder where Apache will be installed Diagram 6

The Apache installation process begins as shown in Diagram 7

Apache installation process Diagram 7

The installation completes as shown in Diagram 8

Completion of Apache Installation Diagram 8

The Apache control icon will be displayed in the Window’s task bar. It’s the first icon in the image below, with the tiny green triangle as shown in Diagram 9

Apache control icon Diagram 9

To Restart Apache any time you need to simply double click this icon and from the Apache service monitor select ‘Restart’ as shown in Diagram 10

Apache service monitor Diagram 10

Testing Apache

To test Apache Web Server, open any Browser and type in its address bar and hit GO.


Open any Browser and type – localhost – in its address bar and hit GO.

The page as shown in diagram 11 should be displayed in the Browser window. Apache has been successfully installed if it does.

Testing Apache Diagram 11

Apache is ready for use

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