Apache Webserver Tutorials

Apache Web server is the most commonly used http server today. About 80% of all websites and Intranets use Apache web server to deliver their content to requesting Browsers.

Why not go through each Opensourcevarsity, Apache web server tutorial? These will teach you step by step how to download, setup Apache, configure Apache and get Apache webserver to run successfully on M.S. Windows XP and Vista. These operating systems, are most commonly used by web developers and web application programmer’s today.

While a ton of hosting companies, especially those that offer Linux based hosting, use Apache web server for delivering website content there are several other common implementations where Apache can be used, such as:

  • On a local machines for developing and testing a web site prior deployment on the Internet
  • Running a company Intranet on a wired network, where employees use a Browser to access content
  • Sharing files from a personal computer on the Internet

And more.

While the Apache webserver core has limited functionality, this functionality is greatly extended through a ton of compiled modules that can be embedded within the Apache core and used. You can pick up all the skills necessary to setup Apache. By stepping systematically through each Apache web server tutorial available.

Some examples of such compiled modules included with the Apache core are:

  • Server side programming languages such as PHP, Perl, Python, Java and many others
  • User authentication and authorization services provided by mod_access, mod_auth, and a variety of other compiled modules
  • Secure data transmission, vital when dealing with confidential data, is provided by the mod_ssl compiled module

The end of the first Apache tutorial leads, pretty logically to the start of the next Apache tutorial. Hence if you work your way through each Apache web server tutorial steadily you will be able to deal with Apache web server with a whole lot of confidence.

Be the first to setup Apache on you desktop, then configure and use it. We’ve written each Apache web server tutorial carefully, with you in mind.

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