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Bootstrap Footer Section Tutorial

An often heard compliant is that when the Bootstrap framework is used to add responsiveness to a webpage template, the template created looks boringly identical to all the other templates created using Bootstrap.

We would like to disagree with this strongly.

The Bootstrap framework delivers responsiveness to a template. Bootstrap’s framework contributes nothing to the look and feel of the template. The look and feel of the template is entirely upto the creativity of the template designer.

While it is true that Bootstrap delivers a number of very well styled, and useful components, for any webpage such as:

  • Top Menu Items
  • Drop down menu items
  • A content slider
  • Drop Down List Boxes
  • Tabs
  • Command Buttons

and more, the look and feel of all these components are CSS3 driven.

Hence, any web designer competent in CSS3 can change the look and feel of any Bootstrap component while leveraging any specific functionality delivered to component via Bootstrap.

In this section of the Bootstrap training we have several webpage Footer Sections coded.

Each footer section looks unique and is completely responsive. These webpage footer sections are crafted using HTML5 and CSS3 and where necessary the bootstrap JavaScript is used as well. All work together in perfect harmony to deliver several – unique looking – webpage footer sections.

The HTML5 / CSS3 and JavaScript code is freely downloadable and can be saved to your desktop so that you can study the code at your leisure. The HTML5 / CSS3 and JavaScript code has Comments within the code to help explain the code block.

If you are a competent HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript programmer we are sure you will be able to change the code of the web page footers we’ve written to make the code snappier and perhaps a tad shorter. Feel free to do so. If you would like to share your code with others via OpenSourceVarsity please drop us an Email and we’d be happy to put up your code spec for download via our website.

Do remember that we’ve written the webpage Footer Section examples for individuals that have just a working knowledge of HTML5 / CSS3 and JavaScript.

Should you have any queries about the Footer section code do post these in the Bootstrap 3 section of the Opensourcevarsity forum.

We really do make special efforts to help, having said that, we really cannot re-write/edit code blocks for you.

Footer Example 1
Footer Example 1
Footer Example 1
Footer Example 1


September 9, 2016
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