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Today every website owner wants their website to look great and deliver excellent site visitor experience on various display sizes.

Display sizes ranging from very large desktops, to the iPad, Android pads, the iPhone and upto the smallest Android driven, smart phone display. Web developers have no option but to say yes when a website owner demands a responsive website.

We are really chuffed that you decided to take a look at our Bootstrap 3 tutorials. Here are four Bootstrap 3 tutorials for you to read, Without Registration. Do read them. Download all as PDFs. When convinced we add value to you then – Register to access – all our content.

All our tutorials are awesome – How To – type ones. Each can be downloaded as a PDF for future reference offline.

Crafting a responsive website that delivers excellent site visitor experience across display devices of various sizes is a challenge, which can and does give web developers a bit of a headache.

To address the specific issue of delivering responsive websites, multiple responsive frameworks have come existence. One such framework is Bootstrap, which started out as – Twitter Bootstrap.

Today, Bootstrap is available in two flavors. Bootstrap 2.X.X and Bootstrap 3.X. either of these versions of Bootstrap can be used to create fully responsive templates.

NOTE: Bootstrap 2.X.X is no longer supported. All subsequent material is going to focus on Bootstrap 3.X.X

Web page content, such as text, images, video, audio and so on is displayed to site visitors within such templates. Since the template, which is the place holder of this content, is responsive, the webpage in turn is responsive. Translated, this means is that the webpage looks great across various display sizes.

What’s really needed to create a responsive template is knowing how to:

  • Use a responsive framework (Bootstrap 3.X.X) and (HTML5 & CSS3 with JavaScript) confidently
  • Write effective media queries
  • Use jQuery to deliver responsive sliders, tabs, modal window and other effects – if required

It is often said that when web developers use Bootstrap to create responsive templates, each template looks boringly similar to the other templates using Bootstrap. We would like differ strongly on this issue.

Stunningly beautiful website templates can be created using Bootstrap as their underlay. Bootstrap delivers template responsiveness. This is completely independent of the look and feel of a website.

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May 5, 2016
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