Can I leverage Blog Post Content?

I’m often asked by Bloggers, who craft excellent Blog posts, if there is something more they can do to leverage blog post content.

Apparently, the problem they face is a peculiar one. They take great pains to create a superb 1200 word Blog post on an attention grabbing topic, and then publish it. The Blog post undoubtedly adds value to their Blog site visitor. They get a maybe 4 to 10 comments, which they reply to. That’s it but most of them don’t know to leverage their blog post content.

They are already crafting their next Blog post while engaging with their commenter’s.

Painfully, it’s almost the same group of commenter’s seem to be visiting their Blog site and leaving comments.

For many Bloggers this is so much like running on treadmill. You are moving, perhaps fairly fast, BUT going nowhere.

Can you change this? Oh Yes! You definitely can.

Marketing Your Blog Post Content

This assumes that as a Blogger you have a presence on a few social streams like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on. If you don’t, then please stop right here and create your accounts on these vital social streams, right now. Social media plays a vital role in marketing your blog post.

Here’s how you can stretch out a single Blog post. It’s really not too difficult at all and pays back in spades.

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