Do You Expect A Shake Up In Digital Marketing Strategies In 2015?

Digital marketing strategies are often described as a seemingly erratic volatile space to work in. The moment you believe you’ve wrapped your mind around the nuances of a specific digital marketing vertical such as let’s say Facebook marketing, FB changes the rules of the game and you’re back to square one.

It’s almost as though, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest deliberately choose to churn things around every once in a while just to ensure that the lives of Digital Marketers have a touch of excitement in them.  I often wonder what’s the big idea of having to be constantly dancing with the changes being made? Versus Sticking to the tried and tested, which unfortunately is in the throes of a delicately nuanced upheaval.

I’m constantly struggling to find a balance between these two worlds while delivering measurable ReturnOn Investment to the clients who place their faith in me. Scary that actually.  My belief is that one needs to accept an actionable strategy, measure the results of that strategy, and tweak it proportionally where required, and one is bound to succeed, BUT I state the obvious.

What I’d really like to share in this Blog post is a few digital marketing verticals I’ve discovered, that you can keep in mind of the next several months, (if not for a year or three).

Having a clutch of largely unchanging, digital marketing verticals, to blend into your digital marketing strategy, which always delivers measurable results, ought to be really helpful.

I teach at a few MBA schools in Mumbai India. Over time I’ve grown to believe that even MBAs with a specialization in Marketing do not necessarily have the mindset to document, execute, monitor and tweak a DIY digital marketing strategy inspite of their advanced education.

A pretty large percentage of marketing executives and managers seem swamped by the digital marketing tsunami occurring around them and are struggling to stay afloat.

For them, and all my Blog post readers here’s what I want to share.

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