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Easy Contact Description And Download


Easy Contact is a simple, extensible XHTML contact form featuring spam-reduction measures, GUI customization, and shortcode-based insertion, sending a carbon copy of the form information to the visitor who is using Easy Contact, and more.

Easy Contact utilizes Sandbox design patterns to create a semantic, XHTML based contact form. You can insert the Easy Contact form on any page or post using the shortcode [easy-contact].

Easy Contact is for WordPress 2.6.x and above. Its features are:

  1. Out-of-the-box working using a shortcode, i.e. no files have to be edited
  2. An options menu for complete customization of form content
  3. Spam reduction measures, i.e., math and/or challenge-based questions
  4. Secure plugin operation and totally semantic XHTML
  5. Use of the Sandbox, comment form, design patterns
  6. An included starter CSS file with corresponding images
  7. Tracked information, e.g., user agent, user referrers, IP

Based partially on the classic WP Contact Form, Easy Contact includes newer WordPress features (e.g., shortcode) and greatly improved form security. Easy Contact is a contact form, built with clean XHTML and improved security.


Open a Browser window and enter in the address bar and hit GO.

In the Google search windows that opens search for easy contact wordpress plugin as shown in Diagram 1.

Google Search Diagram 1

In the Search results window Click on the link:
As shown in Diagram 2.

Google Search Result Page Diagram 2

When opens in the Browser window, click on Download Version 0.1.2.Beta on the right hand side, in order to download the Easy Contact Plugin to your local computer as shown in Diagram 3.

Easy Contact Plugin on WP site Diagram 3

Select the Save File radio button, and save the zip file to your hard disk. Click OK, as shown in Diagram 4.

Download Plugin Diagram 4

On click of OK, a file browser will open up. Navigate to an appropriate folder on your hard disk and save the to your local computer, eg: “G:\easycontact\” as shown in Diagram 5. The zip file would be successfully downloaded and saved in this folder.

Save Easy Contact Plugin zip to hard disk Diagram 5

After saving the zip file, you have to upload and install the Plugin into your WordPress CMS. For that, Please refer to tutorial WordPress Easy Contact Plugin Installation on this website.

May 5, 2016
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