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Embedding You Tube Video(s) Into WordPress Page(s)

The easiest way to add video to a WordPress page is to do it via YouTube.

To be able to do this, navigate to YouTube and select the any video of your choice.

Select the appropriate video you wish to display within your WordPress page, and then copy the URL of the You Tube video as shown in diagram 1.

Diagram 1

Login to WordPress as administrator, by simply entering the url_of_your_website/wp-admin in your Browser.

Enter the appropriate username and password {which was provided while installing WordPress} and then click on Log In as shown in diagram 2.

Diagram 2

After logging in as WordPress Admin, the WordPress dashboard page opens as shown in diagram 3.

The Dashboard provides access to different WordPress functions and features.

Diagram 3

In the left menu, locate the link Pages. Click Pages. From the drop down menu that appears click on Pages as shown in diagram 4.

Diagram 4

Click the Title of the page as shown in diagram 5 or click Edit to open the page in its editable mode.

Diagram 5

Once on the page, insert the cursor where you want place the video as shown in diagram 6.

Diagram 6

In Visual view, Paste the URL of You Tube Video directly on the page.

WordPress will automatically turn the URL into a YouTube embed and provide a live preview in the visual editor as shown in diagram 7 and diagram 8.

Diagram 7

Diagram 8

On the right hand side publish box, click Update to save the changes made on the page as shown in diagram 9.

Diagram 9

In the front end of website, the video has been successfully inserted on the page at the cursor position as shown in diagram 10.

Diagram 10

Click the Play button in the center of the video to play the video, as shown in diagram 10.

You have successfully added a YouTube video to your web page.

April 28, 2016
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