Endless Online Income Opportunities?

Over the years, from what I’ve seen, few people looking to earn online, seem to completely grasp the enormous opportunity the net has to offer.

It’s more than leveled the playing field.
Some folks say, it’s all been done.

Others say the competition is too great.

Neither statement is true.

And I’m going to tell you why…

The “why” is the fact that there is ALWAYS room for improvement. There is ALWAYS room for new ideas. There is ALWAYS room for a different twist.

Here’s some food for thought…

Gravity Forms

WP Gravity Forms

Launched in 2009, this WordPress plugin makes it easier to create forms on a WordPress site. Over the years it’s grown to the point of, easy drag and drop awesome form creation. With add-on’s you can do some pretty amazing things with your forms.

I have not checked the code of this plug-in, but I am pretty sure it’s not as complex as the coding of a search engine. I don’t mean that as a negative, only to say that your idea or concept does not need to be difficult.

Stats report that over 120,000 sites currently use this plugin. And over 250,000 have used it over the years.

What’s even more interesting is that the usage is less than .1% of the entire internet. It goes to show your idea does not need to target the majority, not even close, to find some big success.

The important part is, this is really a pretty simple improvement for WordPress sites. It’s surely not anything new or ground breaking.

You don’t think there are many other ways to improve or add on to a WordPress site? Of course there is. Some that have not even been thought about yet. You could be the one to have that light-bulb moment.

Look at thrive leads, or all the recent opt-in plug-ins. What about Visual Composer? Not to mention all the other site and page builders.

Social Sharing Plug-ins


Speaking of WordPress, have you noticed how many new social plug-ins have come out in the last year or so?

These days you can show your counts per platform, or your total fans. Not to mention all the different button styles, colors and sizes you can put up.

I’ve just started using one that tracks your visitors clicks.

Yet another improvement on an older idea. Well, old when it comes to internet time.


pinterestNot to take away anything from this newer social giant, but it’s not like they invented something new.

They create their own “twist” on an age-old concept. if you think about it, it’s alot like scrap-booking and how long has that been around? They could even be compared to vision boards.

Old idea, new twist.

With over 70 million users and surpassing 30 BILLION pins, it’s working for them on an enormous scale.

Ello Social Revolution

You’d think the social giants such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest would have a lock on social interaction.
But not so…

With an almost-out-of-no-where appearance of a new social platform.

They’ve had people signing up faster than the website could handle. Reports stating that Ello was adding up to 4,000 new users per hour.

Yes, per hour.

There is much debate whether this site will continue to grow and survive, but it is further evidence that, once again, there is ALWAYS room for more.

And frankly this it doesn’t get any more simple than this site. Could very well be it’s selling point.

Twitter started as a system to post 140 character blurbs. It’s still the same concept, but it’s sure grown and expanded.

Another pretty simple idea.


A very cool app that was developed by Instagram. In a nutshell it smoothes video, which is most helpful for video in motion. Can you say GoPro?

Not only is it a awesome product, it helps make Instagram…?

It helps make Instagram even better. Improves the service.

Speaking of video, look at Snap Chat or Vine. Just other spins on video.

Now it gets a little better…

The above examples prove that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

You could create a better mouse trap?

Or as I said, you could make improvements on existing products or services.

But, It’s not like you need to come up with a brand spanking new technology to hit it big. You also don’t even have to be a coder or programmer, that can all be outsourced.

You just need the idea.

We all have ideas. All the time.

Obviously the above examples are only a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of what’s come around on the net. It’s only a few that happened to come to mind.

I am guessing you’ve witness many of your own.

You probably already know this, it’s something we’ve all heard many times…

Find a problem and provide a solution.

The weight loss marketers have been reaping the rewards for years. Same for those who sell the hope of finding love online. And 100’s of other markets.

I’ll add two extra “bits” to that idea.

Find an way to improve something. Find a new twist on something old.

My point is, there is ALWAYS opportunity.

More importantly, those problems do not have to be big problems. Even little things like a better contact for a WordPress blog can make you some cash.

Though I should not have to remind you… there needs to be enough people with the “problem” to make exploring the solution worth your time, effort and investment.

I feel there also needs to be a disclaimer here real quick…

Many people get it all wrong.

Sadly, a common trait on the internet is to copy.

Remember the Million dollar homepage?

Back in 2005, Alex Tew wanted to earn cash to pay for college. His idea was to make a million dollars by selling 1,000,000 pixels on his websites homepage for $1 each. He accomplished that goal in 6 months. I think even less than 6 months.

Not only did he get HUGE press, he also became an overnight celebrity. Almost 10 years later, the site is still up and as I type this, plus it has an Alexa rank of 63K.

Then the wolfs caught the scent…

His idea was copied by hundreds if not thousands of others. Seems there was one pixel site after another. I remember on some message boards, people bragging about their new pixel site.

I am sure their might have been a few successes, but I am sure they were far and few between.


Because people just copied someone else’s idea. Hardly a twist or improvement among the bunch.

My point is, simply copying rarely works and frankly it’s in bad form and might bring around bad Karma.

But we have to wonder…

If there is endless opportunity online, way isn’t every one filthy rich? Why doesn’t everyone own their own secluded island or fleet of jets?

It’s because there is a problem many folks suffer from, and on a daily basis. It’s a rampant disease I like to call…

“Maybe someday”.

Ya I invented that. Seriously. Just now off the top of my head.

Just getting Jiggy. With a little swagger thrown in for good measure.

But it is a real problem.

People read stuff like this, and ya that sounds good. Makes sense. It sure get’s me thinking. Blah, blah, blah.

Then they say to themselves, “Maybe someday”. Or they put it off. Add it to the to-do list and it NEVER get’s crossed off.

And it usually dies right then and there.

Let’s be perfectly honest here for a moment…

Every one of use can come up with excuse after excuse why we shouldn’t or why we can’t do something. Frankly it’s become somewhat of a built in human fallback for so many people.

What if we stated making excuses, “to” do something?

I’m reminded of a famous (and admittedly maybe over-used) quote:

“If it’s going to be, it’s up to me”

Lenny Krayzelburg

Naturally the examples I’ve given are not earth-shattering, world changing or Nobel peace prize winning inventions.

They are only meant as inspiration and motivation. Maybe on the days your feeling like you don’t know what to do, or your thinking that everything has already been done, you can think back to this and remember there is ALWAYS opportunity.

We only need to discover, uncover or realize them, believe in ourselves, and take action.

It’s also time to change our vocabulary, replacing can’t with how.

What do you think? Do you have something to add? A success story you’d like to share to inspire others?

We’ve love to hear from you, please leave a comment below.

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