Five Must Read FREE EBooks on Mobile App Development

Every programmer wants to develop mobile apps for iOS, or Android based smart phones and other portable devices. Everyone who programs knows this can be very rewarding financially and who does not want to make money.

That said, if you take a quick look at Google play store, there is a bewildering array of apps a ton of them free, some very modestly priced. Hence, the question to ask yourself is whether is it sensible to have a good idea and jump right in to developing an app? Without having a sound grasp of app development fundamentals?FREE EBooks on Mobile App Development

After a little pause for thought, just developing your app and hoping for the best, without quite understanding how to:

  • Choose the perfect development environment
  • Monetize the app you’ve developed
  • Understand UX design for smart phones
  • (i.e. small display devices, low resolution display devices)
  • Create the perfect User Interface for the app

Really does not seem to be a terrific approach to successful app development.

With that in mind, here are five excellent FREE books that cover app development thoroughly.

They have been written by seasoned app developers who are passionate about their work and who really want to share their skill and experience with others, and they are absolutely FREE.

IOS Succinctly

By Ryan Hodson

iOS Succinctly Image

This Ebook delivers a lot of very useful information within its 118 pages. It is an essential read for anyone interested in or currently engaged in developing apps for iOS.

Ryan Hodson covers goes beyond the basics of iOS development, multi-scene applications, audio and other essential topics have been addressed. There is a special focus on iOS the operating system for the iPhones and iPads applications and various frameworks that sit on top of the iOS operating system. Together these are the iOS SDK that delivers reusable blocks of code for your app. All of this done in an easy to read and understand language.

Available as: Email download

Developing Modern Mobile Web Apps
by Microsoft

Developing Modern Mobile Apps Image

If you’ve always wondered about the international standards and best practices followed when designing a mobile application this is a great book to read. You will find the most amazing information on how to deliver the very best mobile user experience using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

The often troublesome issue of screen size, resolution, is handled. The differences between modern day mobile Browsers and how their shortcomings will impact your application is explained.

How to keep your HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript simple enough so that it works across all Browsers is dealt with. Additionally, how to leverage some of the advanced functionality available with some of the more modern mobile Browsers is neatly and simply explained.

Available as: PDF | EPUB | MOBI

Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Galaxy
by Enough Software

App Developer Guide 15thEdition

While many people may believe that the book title is a stretch, the book content really does try its best to live up to the title. This books does its very best to deliver the most wide ranging look at almost everything that is related to delivering applications that run mobile devices.

It addresses the plethora of operating systems that run on mobile devices available today. It touches upon eight different operating systems including Firefox OS and Tizen. Then goes on to issues associated with accessibility, mobile application security, mobile application monetization and more.

What’s fascinating is that this book will help shapes your thoughts on the best way to deliver applications to mobile devices. The subtle differences in navigation on a Tablet versus navigation on a smart phone. How if you try to deliver one standard way of navigation across all devices in the application the user experience will suffer in some device or the other. The differences between Native Apps and web Apps. Why a native app is always considered a better bet and a ton more.

Available as: PDF | EPUB  | Printed Book

Expert Advice On Building Successful Mobile Apps
By Mobiversal

Building successful mobile aps_sml

This Ebook sets out to deliver exactly what its title says. It provides a wealth of advice on how to build mobile applications that are successful. Irrespective of the skill and work experience of the reader this Ebook will deliver excellent and valuable information to them.

The Ebook is divided into multiple chapters. Each chapter dealing with specific and value adding material to the reader. Topics such as application design principles, Application UX rules, differences between iOS and Android and has a lot of useful advice from various contributors who are passionate about delivering the very best mobile applications, with a delightful user experience, across display devices of various sizes and pixel densities

Available as: PDF

Mobile Book of Trends 2014
By UXPin & Movade

Often developers wonder about the latest trends in mobile application user interface and UX design and are curious about which way today’s trends will change tomorrow. The authors, each a specialist in their own right, deliver succinct advice on almost everything essential for a mobile application developer to know.

They cover, typography, flat design, micro interactions, wearable computers, gestural interfaces, mobile powered customers and more. While there are a ton of images strewn across the pages of this book, perhaps a bit more than necessary to make a point, the textual content on offer subsequently is really worth a read.

Available as: Email download

In Conclusion

I’d like to recommend that you download all of these FREE Ebooks that are packed with amazing value. Some are available as a direct PDF download, for some you’ve got to share your Email ID with the website before being sent a download link via Email.

I say do whatever you have to do and lay your hands on such valuable content given away totally free. Their value addition is enormous and so worth the effort. Read, understand and strongly leverage the content and you will immediately see a change in the apps you are developing and deploying. You will notice that more and more people who download and use your app are leaving you great reviews and you are slowly but surely creating a dedicated bunch of people who look out for your new app releases, eager to try then out and stoke your bank balance in returns.

October 18, 2016
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