How to Prepare proposal for Copywriting Service

Hello @unni sir and @Ivan sir, @all

I fully understand that competitor analysis is very critical for preparing the proposal.

I also prepared the competitor analysis for my copywriting Agency business.

The competitor analysis templates are more inclined towards getting whole Digital Marketing Services.

We analyzed on the following sub-heads - 
1. Traffic Analysis.
2. Marketing Channel Analysis
3. Copy framework Analysis
4. Content Value Analysis
5. Manual observation and analysis of Social Media Posts
6. Tech Framework The Analysis
7. Usability Analysis.
8. Design Analysis

I feel that No 3,4,7, and 8 can be used for copywriting proposals. Let me know if i am correct.

Do we have anything additional to use for our copywriting proposal?

My Competitor Analysis is attached below. Please also provide your valuable suggestions.


  • @Anamitra, the competitor analysis framework should work for the analysis of any website, including that of competitor copywriting services websites.

     The framework is just a structure for analysis. You can dig deep, or dig shallow, as you prefer.

    If you are offering just a copy proposal you don't need to use this full format.

    All you need is an analysis of persuasion. Use just the persuasion matrix here. 

    The other bit is called content writing, not copywriting. Here you can use the Content of Value Matrix and get into content types, personas, etc.

    Since you are just limiting yourself to content and copywriting, you may not have control over usability and design. Those bits will be by someone else, right?
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