Financial Projection

In the Business Plan Template last section was Financial Projection.

Financial Projections

This should clearly indicate where your company was historically and where it’s going in the future – emphasizing the growth of profits that will ensure this upward journey.

Financial data that should be included in this section:

ü Income statements

ü Cash flow statements

ü Balance sheets

ü Other relevant information, e.g. accounts payable statements, accounts receivable statements, and document debtor obligations

Can anyone explain these terms like Income Statement, Cash Flow, Balance sheet, accounts payable statements, accounts receivable statements, and document debtor obligations . And also how can i include these in the Business Plan.


  • @Anamitra ; if you have already been running your company, you will have income sources, that is your invoice, cashflow means from where you arrange cash when needed, the Balance sheet is the total balance remaining from your bank account after paying salary and all.

    Debtor obligation means in some companies payment is delayed for whatsoever reasons. All such historical documents are supposed to be maintained.

    They will help you in projecting your goals for future and manage cash flows (Suppose you have to pay salary but a big client dint pay you on time. So that time how you will manage etc...)

    Mine is a new business plan. So I did not add the historical data 
  • Thanks for your reply @ganesh ;. My this business is new. So I asked wrt new business which we will start as a copywriting Agency.
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