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I got stuck in this as how i should chalk out operations plan for my business model. There are two things which puzzles me from the doc 
  1. It’s your operating plan that runs the day to day processes of your business - So from this i think what everyday my employees should do, so that i need to  plan? Currently i maintain a excel sheet of each project and employees. I assign daily works/ weekly works as per the project in hand, so is this operational plan?
  2. The another thing written was a operational plan to achieve your short term goals or milestones, so  this is all together different . My short term goal is to get more projects and connect with international agencies, so this will not have any employee involvement , this plan will be for myself. 
So confused in this two points. let me know your ideas for the same


  • @Priya, without getting into jargon, or getting stuck in terminology, or sounding bookish, let me share with you how I go about this.

    To run a business effectively, you need to manage 4 things:

    1. People
    This is what makes up for most service businesses. This involves hiring, leadership, team-building, leadership, etc.

    2. Processes
    These are how to do something so that there is a standard output from people. If you have to make the output people independent, you need to have the processes pat.

    For eg McDonalds have their processes in place for how to make French Fries, how to serve/ sell/ upsell to customers, how to manage the decor of the outlet, how and where to select the outlet, how to hire people, what training to give people hired at each level, etc.

    Now extrapolate the same ideas for a digital agency.

    Processes set benchmarks for what is expected from a task, how it will be measured, how it will be rewarded/ recognized, etc.

    For eg, by now you have a process for writing proposals for winning customers. You also have a process for writing copy using the PASTOR model and so on.

    You have a model for evaluating digital marketing: ACRM.

    3. Tools 
    This is what makes doing tasks easier.

    For eg in a digital agency, this would mean using a social media scheduling tool to optimise the manual labor of seeding posts in social media.

    This would mean using Hemingway and Grammarly for writers, and so on for each person/ designation level.

    A digital agency could use tools for Proposal Writing/ Follow-up/ Lead Scoring, etc at one end and Photoshop, email systems, hosting, etc at another end.

    For a manufacturing unit this could be machinery like lathe machines or CNC machines, etc.

    4. Measurement
    Without measurement you won't know whether you are making money or losing it. Whether your strategies are showing progress or its badly invested, etc.

    Now the trick is to align this all together:
    People > Processes > Tools > Measurement

    Projects are what people do according to processes laid out, with the tools available to them. Measurement is what you do after people do something to understand whether you need to tweak your processes, or change your tools.

    Let me know if that makes sense?

  • @Unni Sir, Just saw your reply, Loved the clarity it gives,Yes i'm grabbing all those points, The question was for the business model doc which was shared in MM, I was stuck in the operational heads there, So wanted the clarity for it, I will send you the doc i made soon , Kindly check that out whenever possible and let me know your insights for the same
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