Copywriting Cheat Sheets & Formulas

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I have done some ferreting of Copywriting Models, SEO Models, writing for PPC/ Social Media and Ads, for easy reference.

Personally, I believe that a writer should be able to flow with any of these types of writing.

For those who don't write there should be models for evaluating the output of writers - how do you determine whether the writing is good, bad, or indifferent?

Here are some wonderful nuggets from my search that will quantum-compress the time you take to do some of these things. Enjoy!

SEO Cheat Sheet for on-page SEO:

Copywriting Template:

Tried & True Copy Formulas:

Copywriting Formulas: Don’t write from scratch:

Headline Swipe File:

Copywriting for Social Media:

Swipe files for the Lazy Copywriter:

Instant Swipe File:

Email Swipe File

Sandi Krakowski’s Millionaire Swipe File And Activation Emails (Lite Version):

FB Ads Swipe File

The Hypnotic Writer’s Swipe File:

FB Ads Cheat Sheet: Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet - Urban › ...

FB Ads:

Adwords Performance Guide

Ecommerce Sales Funnel Swipe Funnel

Marketer’s Guide to PPC




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