How will you capture buyer persona information?

I'm summarizing few points which we learnt, @all please add to this list your inputs as well as i feel its really important one
  1. Interacting with existing buyers/clients
  2. Interacting with sales guys 
  3. Analytics data of competitors if you are new
  4. Analytics data of your own site
  5. Running Survey online
  6. Doing Keyword Research


  • @Priya you can also glean this information from:
    1. Discussion boards where people put up questions, answer issues, talk about pains, etc
    2. Amazon and GoodReads reviews of books on a subject that you want information on/ about - here too pains may be outlined, answers sought to questions, etc
    3. You may even find this in blog articles and/or comments in those
    4. You may find this in surveys already done by someone else: look for <keyword> research filetype:pdf|doc in Google
    5. Analytics data of competitors can be gleaned from AHREFs/ SEMRush/ SpyFu/ Ispionage
    6. Question Research - that is top questions asked by customers on that subject:,
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