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Please provide your suggestions and feedbacks.

This is Home page for Our Copywriting Agency.



  • @Anamitra, there is a specific way to stack the persuasion. Your structure is not correct and therefore it makes the whole thing imbalanced.

    I'd start with the Value Proposition first, at the top.

    > VP = What the service is + How it uniquely benefits the audience + Benefit of the benefit.

    Eg Outsourced Copywriting Services/ That Spell ROI / Without An Expensive Price Tag

    <add 3 support points to the VP below it>

    > Follow this up with tragedy/ pain

    > Then Success for the Customer
    <Would you like status quo to continue?>
    [Success tastes sweeter because it's juxtaposed against pain, not when it's carried alone]

    > The Offer/ Pricing
    You must have an offer otherwise there is no purchase.

    > The Plan [3-4 steps to avail the plan]
    1. Fill up the form
    2. Get a Quote
    3. Relax

    > Social Proof [Alex's Case Study is Social proof and it comes in the way of the sell on the HP. What you need to do is to carry an Case Study excerpt and take the visitor to a new page to explain the Case Study] + Testimonials

    > Why Us

    Let me know if this makes sense.

  • @anamitra ; i just landed on one website which i really liked , Krishanan sir has given superb inputs, i can share you just one reference , hope this helps
  • @anamitra, as discussed in last Fridays MM session, the image is not relating to the services you are offering
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