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Hi all, 
I have a prospective client  who is interested in making a website from me. so i'm drafting a mail to him so need help to understand your point of view what should i include and what not. To give you the idea the client is a Homeopath practitioner in my area. Here is the mail draft i have written. Please pour in your suggestions  :)

Hello Dr. Chirag


Glad to hear from you.

We have reviewed your initial requirement. We would be happy to associated with you and help you to craft your online presence.

Industry Review

The internet and social media networks are reshaping the way potential patients search for their healthcare provider. According to a survey, nearly 68 percent of customers search for a local doctor online on a weekly or monthly basis. This figure is likely to grow by 2020, reflecting the increasing time spent by patients online. So, as a medical practitioner, would it be a wise decision to let go of ever-increasing online opportunities?

A planned, budgeted marketing strategy will help you to reach new and returning patients in your area at the right time. 

 We would like to suggest following solution for your clinic : 
  1. Easy-to-Navigate Website
  2. Leverage local SEO for higher walk-ins
  3. Educate and Enlighten with Blogs
  4. Local Listing in Various Platforms
  5. Optimize to get discovered in google
  6. Go Social for a strong connection with your patients
  7. Resourceful Emails 
  8. Videos that Educate and Inspire
  9. Highly Personalized Campaigns and ads to reach out your target patients
This solution will help  in following ways
  1. Building Authority.
  2. Brand Building and Online Presence of your clinic
  3. Easier to Interact and Engage with Patients
  4. New walk- ins in your clinic
  5. New Inquires and Associations 
  6. Encourage Patient Reviews
  7. Booking System to save your time
But to keep things simple, i have just now mentioned website creation in my proposal, let me know if any of above interest you so, we can discuss that all together.

Thanks for your time.
looking forward for your reply.



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    I feel since hes looking for a website , we should talk about the website design, fonts, images, tech etc in the email and how it will make his website stand out from his local competitors. Once he gives you the contract for building his website then draw him in with other offerings like SEO, blogs etc.. 
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    @chandan point i wanted to make was " only website is not the solution " and he is already confirmed for website, so that will be discussing anyways,I wanted suggestions to make the pitch better and converting. Note: My proposal already gives the details of website in and out
  • Many years ago, I did a website for an eye surgeon:
    One of the things we had there was a Pdf download for prospect capture. Even today, it's the most downloaded thingy on that website.
    Today, I'd have added an autoresponder or even several PDFs for prospect capture and email sequences for trust building.
    I would phrase how smart doctors market online using a specific set of tactics. This includes services, content of value around the services, gated ebook downloads, autoresponder emails to build trust, and then sell.
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