Copywriting: Easy Ideas to find the Pain and Value Proposition for a product

In the recent project which me and Ganesh are working for Copywirting. We are making AD Copy for Shampoo and Hand wash. Shampoo was still easy to get the Value Proposition. But for Hand wash to know what customer think before purchasing it was a little challenging. I then just looked to E commerce website which sells Hand wash and directly went to Customer review section; The customers are writing what they like in that particular hand wash, Some one wrote about "it smells good", Some one said "its nice to know I'm taking care of my family without the use of chemicals and unknown products". Others said "its less foam and light", i think by reading all this review we can really understand what the customer look for in a product and that way we can make a much better Value Proposition. I'm sure they are so many ideas as well, just found this very quick and easy way. Please share your hacks for this as well. so we can make a list of the same and we can use it whenever we are stuck.
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