Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

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I just started reading StoryBrand Book,  One thing that i stumble upon was this excerpt which i feel is very very vital to understand to convey a message that converts, please have a look

Remember the old pyramid we learned about in high school, Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of
needs. First,  the brain is tasked with setting up a system in which we can eat and drink and
survive physically. In our modern, first-world economy this means having a job and a dependable income. Then
the brain is concerned with safety, which might entail having a roof over our heads and a sense of well-being and
power that keeps us from being vulnerable. After food and shelter are taken care of, our brains start thinking
about our relationships, which entail everything from reproducing in a sexual relationship, to being nurtured in a
romantic relationship, to creating friendships (a tribe) who will stick by us in case there are any social threats.
Finally then, the brain begins to concern itself with greater psychological, physiological, or even spiritual needs
that give us a sense of meaning.

What this helped me understand is that, without us knowing it, human beings are constantly scanning their
environment (even advertising) for information that is going to help them meet their primitive need to survive.
This means that when we ramble on and on about how we have the biggest manufacturing plant on the West
Coast, our customers don’t care. Why? Because that information isn’t helping them eat, drink, find a mate, fall in
love, build a tribe, experience a deeper sense of meaning.

So what do customers do when we blast a bunch of noise at them? They ignore us.

My Takeaway :  We need to create a message where we highlight the needs mentioned in the hierarchy like psychological, physiological, or even spiritual needs.  

Ex : 1) Sell more houses.Enjoy more free time.Be happy.
 2) A clear strategy and a proven team will help you simplify your life, feel confident, and grow your business.
So distilled the messaging to this level of needs and think as a human what are ultimate wants and needs of life, it will work wonders.
What do you guys think?
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