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Global Configuration – System Information – Joomla 3.X


Joomla CMS requires the Apache, PHP and MySQL framework beneath it to work correctly and smoothly deliver website content to the site visitor. Hence it’s important for the website owner to know exactly what the Apache, PHP and MySQL framework is on which Joomla has been installed and is expected to run smoothly.

This is especially true for Joomla 3.X.X. The Apache, PHP and MySQL framework requirements for Joomla 3.X.X is a bit more stringent that those of the earlier versions of Joomla, hence the Joomla Administrator User interface delivers a whole lot of pertinent information about the framework to the website owner. This is to help eliminate any strange behavior from Joomla CMS due to its framework not being perfect for it to run successfully on.

To access framework details ( there really is a ton of very useful information provided ) locate System in the Top Menu of the Admin User interface. Click System. From its drop down menu Click System Information to access the System Information User interface as shown in diagram 1.

diagram1 Diagram 1

On Click of System Information the Joomla Admin, system information, User interface will be displayed in the Browser as shown in diagram 2.

diagram2 Diagram 2

The System Information User interface has five tabs. Each tab displays a great deal of important system information ( Joomla framework information ) to the website owner / administrator.

System Information:
This tab provides the version numbers of Apache, PHP, MySQL and Joomla. Information about the how Apache communicates with PHP. Which Browser is being used to access the Joomla Admin User interface are all displayed in this tab.

PHP Settings:
Click PHP Settings to get to the system information tab that displays details about the settings done in PHP.

PHP is the program interpreter in which all Joomla code must run. Hence an appropriate PHP version and settings are vital for Joomla to run flawlessly.

Diagram 3 shows the PHP settings normally visible in the PHP settings tab of the System Information User interface.

diagram3Diagram 3

Look for anything that may be flagged in red. This will have to be corrected by a Joomla tech professional and perhaps the Hosting company’s tech person working together.

Configuration File:
Click Configuration File to read all the settings written into Joomla’s configuration file.

The information written into Joomla’s configuration file and displayed in this tab is exactly the same information that was entered into the data entry screens displayed one after the other, sequentially when Joomla was being installed.

Directory Permissions:
Click Directory Permissions to view the access permissions of all the folders created and used when Joomla was installed. All the folders listed must be writable. If any folder is not writable this is going to cause an issue when Joomla runs. This folder permissions will have to be rest by a Joomla tech professional and perhaps the Hosting company’s tech person working together.

PHP Information:
Click PHP Information within the System Information User interface to access details of the PHP configuration done in the PHP underlay of the Joomla website. There really is a huge amount of information displayed in this tab.

Expect to find details about:

  1. PHP
  2. PHP – ZEND engine
  3. Apache Environment
  4. HTTP Headers Information
  5. MySQLi

And a ton more in the PHP Information tab.

The information in the tab needs to be dealt with by a Joomla tech professional and perhaps the Hosting company’s tech person working together if any issues are noticed / reported here.

These issues will have to sorted out prior Joomla delivering website content effectively and smoothly.

April 5, 2016
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