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Google+1 Button Plugin Description And Download


Search engine giant Google has announced its Google+1 social networking platform.

The plugin adds the Google +1 button to your Blog’s posts, pages, attachments, and custom post types.

The Plugin has a variety of options for button style and position.

WordPress Google +1 Button requires WordPress 3.1.0 and higher and is currently compatible up to: 3.3.0.

Some of the main features are as follows:

  1. Adds the Google +1 button to posts, pages, attachments, and custom post types (enable/disable for each)
  2. Allows you to disable the +1 button on specific pages in that post/page’s metabox
  3. Four display styles (standard, small, medium, tall)
  4. Enable / disable the +1 count on the buttons
  5. 7 position options – float (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right), no float (top, bottom), none (custom integration)
  6. NEW – +1 button widgets
  7. NEW – redirect the user to a custom URL after clicking the +1 button
  8. Custom CSS to add custom CSS styling to the button code
  9. Exposes a wp_plus_one_button action for custom integration with your theme or Plugin


Open a Browser window and enter in the address bar and hit GO.

In the Google search windows that open search for Google+ plugin for WordPress as shown in Diagram 1.

Google Search Diagram 1

In the Search results window Click on the link: shown in Diagram 2.

Google Search Result Page Diagram 2

When opens in the Browser window, click on Download Version 1.6.X on the right hand side, in order to download the Google+1 Button PluginWordPress Plugin to your local computer as shown in Diagram 3.

Google+1 Button Plugin for WordPress Diagram 3

Select the Save File radio button, and save the zip file to your hard disk. Click OK, as shown in Diagram 4.

Download Plugin Diagram 4

On click of OK, a file browser will open up.

Navigate to an appropriate folder on your hard disk and save the to your local computer, eg: “X:\Goolge_Plus_Plugin_for_WP\” Here X:\ represents an appropriate drive letter on your computer, as shown in Diagram 5. The zip file would be successfully downloaded and saved in this folder.

Save Google+1 Button Plugin zip to hard disk Diagram 5

After saving the zip file, you have to upload and install the Plugin into your WordPress CMS. For that, Please refer to tutorial Google+1 Button Plugin for WordPress Installation on this website.

September 9, 2016
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