How To Write A Blog Post That Both Read And Shared Part II

Do Not Write A Blog Post Content Exactly The Same As Others

Strive so that you write a blog post content that is genuinely different from the others.

  • Ensure that you some add measurable value to site visitors
  • Deliver something new / interesting / unique in your Blog post
  • Always read your Blog post as though you were a site visitor
  • Write Blog post content is a style and language that appeals to your site visitors

Create Great Headlines For Your Blog Post

Most site visitors read headlines and then decide whether they want to read the Blog post content or not. Hence, your headline is what pulls the site visitor into your Blog content.

Headlines that are structured as a question attracts site visitor attention.
For example: Did you know that writing great headlines is a learnable skill?

Headlines that speak about specific attracts site visitor attention.
For example: 5 simple things to do to make your WordPress website almost hack proof.
NOTE: Using the number 5 is apparently more attention grabbing than the word five.

Great headlines and subheads within your Blog post content really make a huge difference in pulling in your site visitors and making them stay on your website.

A great reference place is your daily newspaper. Just read and understand how they structure their headlines and
subheads that catch your attention and drives you to read their article.

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May 6, 2017
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