How to Write Blog Posts That Get Read And Shared Part I

Every website owner’s topmost priority must be superlative webpage content.  Search engines love this, site visitors love this, a win:win for everybody. Creating superlative content is definitely not rocket science. Passion, domain knowledge and a pinch of common sense is all it takes for you to craft superlative content for your webpages.

Superlative content being content that adds a great deal of value (very informative / educative) to the site visitor. Here are a set of tried and tested Blogging tips, which if followed almost always produces superlative Blog post content.

Ensure That You Are Intimate With The Topic Of The Blog Post

Authority Bloggers know that it’s impossible to write an attention arresting Blog post unless you are really
intimate with the topic of the Blog post. A simple start to getting intimate with your Blog post content and
only then crafting a great Blog post is to read as much as you can on the topic you want to Blog on, thenread some more.

While reading stuff in your Browser, make it a habit to jot down key points mapped to the content
that you are reading. You can use pencil and paper although I recommend using either Word or Notepad or your favorite editor.

Jotting down can mean a copy / paste of large sections of really interesting content from the webpage you are reading into Notepad, to writing down details of concepts as you’ve understood them in your very own words. Do whatever works best for you.

When you are researching / learning a topic the combination approach of reading and making notes helps most people understand what they are reading. If you’ve thoroughly understood what you are reading you’ve become intimate with the topic. Once you are intimate with a topic you are ready to create a Blog post that would be valuable to site visitors.

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