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I’m Sure I Will Add A Ton Of Value To You

Let’s meet and chat about how we can multiply your client’s Internet income together. Your client will never know that I exist, unless You want them to.

I’ve done some amazing Social Media Marketing and Social Media Advertising strategising. I’ve got statistics to show exactly how much we increased focused site visitors to a website.

Simply put – Focused site visitor’s purchase. You will have happy client’s, excited about increasing their digital marketing spends because – It Works!

Interested? fill in the form below. Submit it to me right away.

It would be awesome to engage in a fruitful exchange that grows both our bank balances, wouldn’t it?

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A Free Social Media Marketing Workshop

When was the last time someone did something for you – No Strings Attached?

As soon as I receive your information, I would like to offer to conduct an in-depth, three hour, workshop at your office titled:

Social Media Marketing That Works

This is completely free of cost. No strings attached. It’s a let’s – add value to your digital marketing staffers – type of workshop.

I will conduct this workshop at your office. On a day and time of mutual convenience.  Anyone You choose can attend.

Our workshop covers how to:

  • Understand a client’s, customer demographics
  • Tips to figure out which social streams client customers hang out
  • Tips to figure out what kind of content engages client customers
  • Deliver this content without being obtrusive, consistently
  • Re-purpose a client’s Blog posts effectively
  • Define and execute a client’s social media engagement calendar
  • All of this is delivered using visually engaging PPTs
  • By a digital marketing expert

BTW, I’d need your help to access, either a projector or a largish flat screen TV at your office, when we conduct our workshop.

I will conduct the workshop myself

Let’s grow together. It will be so worth it.

Some of the corporates who consulted with me

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