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Joomla 3.X – Global Settings Part II

Metadata Settings

The second tab in the Joomla 3.X Global Configuration User interface is System as shown in diagram 1.

diagram1 Diagram 1

Click System to access the Global, system configuration User interface, in Joomla 3.X as shown in diagram 2.

diagram2 Diagram 2

Path to Log folder:
The text box adjacent this prompt displays the path to where Joomla 3.X keeps its log file on the web server. The Joomla installer will automatically fill in this path information. If necessary the location of Joomla’s log files can be changed to keep the log files private. If this is done, then replace this path with the relative path to where the Joomla log files have been moved to. This is often done for Joomla security purposes.

Help Server:

This drop down list box allows the site owner to select where Joomla will go to reference Help information when this is requested for by the site administrator.  This is done when the Top menu item Help is clicked.

By default, help content is drawn from Joomla’s main help site. This drop down list box also determines what language will be used to display Help content to the site administrator in the Browser.

Debug Settings

Debug System: diagram3 This is a switch which informs Joomla whether or not to display Joomla system debug messages.
At installation time the switch is set to No.

When the switch is set to Yes, Joomla will provide diagnostic information, language translations, and SQL errors to the site builder and tester across all Joomla delivered pages.

If any issues or errors occur, these will be displayed at the bottom of each web page, in both the visitor side web page ie. The front-end and Administrator web pages i.e. The back-end.

NOTE: This switch should be set to Yes only when the Joomla website is being built and tested.

Debug Language:
Joomla can work with multiple languages. This informs Joomla whether or not to display language debug messages.

NOTE: If this is set to Yes and Debug System is set to No, no error information will be displayed either at the User front end pages or the Admin back end pages.

Cache Settings

The Cache Settings behave really well in Joomla 3.X when compared to any earlier version of Joomla. This is because the underlying cache system, which was rewritten, now provides really good caching possibilities.

In general, having and active cache will make Joomla deliver its website pages faster by storing webpage HTML within the cache. The web server can deliver these HTML files extremely fast to the requesting Browser when compared to running a PHP script and then delivering its output HTML to a requesting Browser.

Cache Settings is a drop down list box with the following choices:
OFF – Caching disabled
ON – Conservative caching
ON – Progressive caching

At Joomla 3.X install time Caching is set to OFF.

It is possible to cache web pages, component views and modules.

NOTE: The Joomla cache can be purged and cleaned in Site Maintenance.

Cache Handler:
This is a drop down list box via which the Cache Handler can be selected. At Joomla 3.X install time there is only a single choice, File as Joomla’s native caching system is File based.

NOTE: There are third party caching systems that can be installed as Joomla extensions that may add their own Cache handlers in this drop down list box.

Cache time:
This is the time in minutes after which Joomla will refresh Cache content.

i.e. When the time period set in this text box elapses Joomla will run its PHP scripts once again based on a site visitor Browser’s request and refresh Cache content rather than pick up HTML from the cache and deliver it to a requesting Browser.

Session Settings

Session Lifetime:
The time set in the text box adjacent to this prompt, expressed as minutes, is used by Joomla to Auto log out an inactive User. Do not set too high. At install time this is set to 15 minutes.

Session Hander:
The mechanism by which Joomla! identifies a User once they are connected to the web site using non-persistent cookies.

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