Do You Know How To Build Your Brand Online?

There is a really simple way of checking just how visible you are on the Internet, i.e. if you’ve done anything at all to build your brand online. Simply Google your name and see what the search engine delivers on its first results page.

These results will tell you whether your efforts to build your brand on line has paid off.  Especially what people see about you when they search the Internet for information about you or even if they see you at all.

If you’ve not built a brand online yet, here are tried and tested techniques that you can use to build your brand online. When you do, you will have a vibrant online brand, which is how Internet users will perceive you. This is really your online brand. Over time it’s your online brand that helps gives you authority within search engines.  Here is how you can start building your brand online if you’ve not done so yet.

A Simple Blog Commenting Strategy To Build Your Online Brand

Identify other Blogsites that deliver similar or parallel material to what you deliver and leave a well written comment on specific Blog posts. Structure your comment so that it in turn draws comments from others, i.e. generates a discussion. This gets people curious to know who you are. Gradually they begin to think of you as a subject matter expert in that niche and your online brand starts being built. This goes a long way in building up a level of trust between you and the Blog site visitors. Building trust eventually give you a great deal of credibility on the Internet.

Leaving comments on Blog sites does not have to be a chore for you, not if you truly identify excellent Blogsites that are delivering content that excites, intrigues, engages you.  Leaving well crafted, engaging comments on topics that you share a passion with the Blogger, can be a lot of fun.  When you comment, it must make you feel that it was worth the time and effort you put in. When that happens you will see this in the comment content you write and as a spin off it will go a long way in building your online brand.

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