Do You Know How To Increase Website Traffic?

Okay your brilliantly designed and brimming with useful information website is ready on mounted on the Internet.

BUT Do you know how to increase website traffic? Unless you have:

  • A steady stream of site visitors coming to your website
  • Staying there for a while reading and reacting to your material
  • Engaging with your Call-To-Action on your web pages
  • All of which makes your website interesting to Search Engines

You’re stumped.

Then it dawns, you must increase website traffic by putting in daily efforts to get focused site visitors coming and staying on your site.  I say focused because I believe that it’s best to get site visitors coming to your website who are looking for what your site delivers. These are site visitors who are the easiest to convert to paying customers.

Increase Website Traffic Tips

Here is what you need to do.  My approach is simple and focused. It should be about two hours of work every day, five days a week. The sixth and seventh days I guess you can rest OR not.

BTW, I discovered that resting on the sixth and seventh day was not such a great idea when my website traffic increased, and I wanted to sustain that increase and grow it to higher levels.  That said I always try to keep my work load to about two hours each day.

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