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The original Mentor is a character in Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey.

When Odysseus, King of Ithaca went to fight in the Trojan War, he entrusted the care of his kingdom to Mentor.

Mentor served as the teacher and overseer of Odysseus’s son, Telemachus. My guess is that the the King of Ithaca understood that Mentor had some really exceptional qualities in him so he entrusted the care of his kingdom and his son to Mentor. Either that or the King of Ithaca was very dumb.

Quite a scary thought that, but Kings in those days were normally shrewd, clever and manipulative people to say nothing of ruthless. All necessary ingredients to be King. Hence we must assume that Mentor was a very special person.

In my professional life, my most valuable assets are my mentors.

Some of my mentors insist that I do not publicly mention them. I respect that. They are truly special people and via this page on my website I wish to say an anonymous Thank you. God bless you all. May your tribe ever increase.

Having done that, I’d now like to write about a few others who mentor me whenever I require help. I’ve asked their permission to write about then and which has been graciously granted.

I know I will never be in a position to pay them back, hence I promise here to pay this debt of gratitude – Forward.

Krishna Unni's Picture

Krishna Unni – Personal Mentor & Friend

Unni, is a live-wire, visionary. His mind is always buzzing with amazing ideas which he can express with superb clarity.

This is the mind responsible for steering Pigtail Pundits towards fulfilment and profit within emerging interactive technologies.

Unni has a Masters in Marketing Management from Jamnalal Bajaj, Mumbai, India. JBIMS is quite simply the best place for management studies in Mumbai. This grounding plus, 23 years experience in advertising planning, account management, direct marketing, personal selling, brand building and entrepreneurship define Unni.

Unni consistently turns customers into friends. Then into – Pigtail Pundits – brand evangelists.

Pigtail Pundits works with – corporates, professionals and small businesses – both in India as well as in the US and UK. His specialty is Open Source tools and technologies, specifically Content Management Systems, Social Networking, and Community Building.

Unni, shares his vast skills of the open source domain with me without reservations. Humoring, my often juvenile questions like an elder dealing gently with a slow learner. I’ve known Unni for a pretty long time now and we’ve become family friends, I look up to him for my mentoring needs in the Open source, tools and technologies space

Chris Von Nieda

I located Chris Von Nieda from a thread I’d started on LinkedIn where the topic was the Costs of SEO. Chris’s reply was one that interested me.

I got in touch and he did a quick analysis of my website free of cost, showed me some areas of opportunity and proved to me he can bring us results, without ever talking about money even once.

I called Chris and spoke to him a couple of times on Skype. Each time Chris patiently answered all the questions buzzing in my mind about how he would approach handling SEO / SEM for a website of mine.

During all my interactions with Chris I’ve always found him to be straight forward and up front. He is willing to work side by side with us. My entire tech team and I are really happy with the way our website’s SEO / SEM was handled by Chris Von Nieda. Thank you Chris, for your patience and skill.

I’ve no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Chris to anyone who wants a well thought through, planned, SEO / SEM applied to their website. Get in touch with Chris, like me, I’m confident you will be happy you did.

Chris Von Nieda
Jarom Adair Picture

Jarom Adair

Internet Marketing For Small Business Owners

To take a Brick and Mortar business to the Internet so that it generates a income stream successfully requires a pretty thorough knowledge of the Internet and how it delivers profits to business.

I found a website named Internet Marketing For Small Business Owners and I located Jarom Adair. Jarom runs an on-line business that teaches business owners how to take their business online, successfully.

Jarom’s USP: Five days a week, a solid two hours each day, he is available on a conference call accessible via a land-line, mobile or via Skype.

I’ve never regretted starting my mentee relationship with Jarom. I am a regular subscriber to Jarom’s mentioning for some time now. I believe it’s excellent, and priced reasonably. Why not sign on yourself? You will be glad you did.

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