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Ivan Bayross

Ivan Bayross has spent 32+ years creating and validating application code in various programming languages as well as delivering digital marketing strategies for multiple Internet businesses.

Mr. Bayross is:

A lead digital marketing trainer.

An international author.

An Open Source evangelist.

He delivers the perfect blend of seasoned technical skills backed by 18+ years of Internet marketing.

Ivan Bayross
Meher Bala

Meher Bala

Meher has spent 8+ years steeped in code.

She understands the nuances of how PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS code are woven together to support any digital marketing strategy.

Her seasoned techie background is a huge help when tweaking any application code or digital marketing strategy that maybe under performing.

Kavita Mawani

Kavita has spent 10+ years in keeping modest sized teams glued together, working as a single well honed unit.

Kavita is unflappable under stress, and thinks on her feet gracefully.

She is awesome in discovering why some application logic or digital marketing strategy is under performing and points out what needs to be done to fix this with clarity.

Kavita Mawani
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