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Paying An Invoice By Paypal

PayPal is a convenient way of sending and receiving money online across the globe. It works in many countries and provides an easy to use online interface. Apart from the personal payment, PayPal also allows us to make small goods and services transactions to individual accounts.

PayPal Invoice is a billing service that gives you the ability to bill and receive payments from your clients through email. It works just like a paper invoice, and clients will be able to pay directly using credit cards or funds in their PayPal accounts.

The information contained in this tutorial teaches you, step by step, how you can pay an invoice to the merchant.

When a merchant and sends an invoice, the client will receive an Email informing them about the invoice and indicating that a payment has to be done.

There are a couple of ways in which you can pay an unpaid invoice:

1. Pay from directly within your Paypal account
2. Pay through the email notification

Pay Within the Paypal Account:

In order to pay an invoice via PayPal, login to PayPal by simply entering the URL in your Browser.

PayPal is capable of sensing that the site visitor is coming in from India, hence India centric information is being displayed. Click on the Log In button in order to login to PayPal as shown in Diagram 1.

diagram1 Diagram 1

Enter the appropriate PayPal Email address and password {which was provided while creating account in PayPal} and then click on Log In as shown in Diagram 2.

diagram2 Diagram 2

PayPal My Account – Overview page displays as shown in Diagram 3. In order to pay an invoice in PayPal, click on Pay from the respective column of Order status/Actions as shown in Diagram 3.

diagram3 Diagram 3

If invoice information is correct, click on Continue to complete your payment as shown in Diagram 4.

Diagram 4

On clicking continue, review your payment page is displayed as shown in Diagram 5. If the information is correct, click on Pay Now to complete your payment as shown in Diagram 5.

diagram5 Diagram 5

The invoice paid success message is displayed. This message also states that the merchant will receive an email from PayPal that the invoice is paid as shown in Diagram 6.

Click on Go to PayPal Account as shown in Diagram 6.

diagram6 Diagram 6

Now, from the transaction details, you can view the Payment status been changed from Pending to Paid and Completed as shown in Diagram 7. This means that the invoice has successfully been paid.

diagram7 Diagram 7

May 5, 2016
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