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PHP Download

Download PHP

Download the latest stable build of PHP from URL .

A Common Technique to Find PHP {anything} Using Google

Open a browser window and enter in the address bar and hit GO.

In the Google search window that opens search for php download as shown in Diagram 1.

Google Search for PHP Download Diagram 1

In the Search results window Click on the link as shown in Diagram 2.

Search Result for PHP Download Diagram 2

When the site opens in the Browser window click on the windows binary link as shown in Diagram 3.

PHP Download Link Diagram 3

Click on the zip file of Thread safe version of PHP as shown in Diagram 4.

PHP Thread Safe Version Diagram 4

Save the zip file in the local drive of you system by clicking on the OK button of the window as shown in Diagram 5.

PHP Installer Zip File Diagram 5

The download process of PHP is successfully finished.

April 15, 2016
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