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PHP is an Open Source, cross-platform, web server-side scripting language used for delivering dynamic Web pages to any requesting Browser. You create pages using PHP with HTML embedded within. HTML being used to markup content and behaves largely as a place holder for content.

Each Opensourcevarsity php tutorial for beginners, is written keeping you in mind. Each tutorial, written in a simple way, teaches you step by step how to download, setup, configure PHP. Then instructs you on how to get Apache and PHP to work together in perfect harmony. There is even a php training module which explains how to check and ensure whether this is true or not.

PHP runs on Windows XP, Vista, NT. Linux and many Unix versions. PHP can be built and invoked as an Apache web server module. When built as an Apache web server module, PHP is very lightweight and speedy. PHP returns the results of querying MySQL database very swiftly.

In addition to manipulating the content of website pages, PHP can also send HTTP headers, set cookies, manage authentication, and redirect users. PHP offers excellent connectivity to many databases (and ODBC). PHP provides integration with various external libraries that let you do generate PDF documents, parse XML and do heaps of interesting things.

Each tutorial for php blends together to teach you how to run PHP and Apache successfully on any M.S. Windows XP or Vista based computer. These operating systems, being the most commonly used by web developers and web application programmer’s today.

The end of the first php tutorial leads, pretty logically to the start of the next php tutorial. Hence if you go through each tutorial for php steadily you will be able to deliver dynamic web pages, using PHP and Apache confidently.

Be the first to install and setup PHP on your desktop or laptop and configure it. Then get it to work with Apache, by stepping through each well structured php tutorial for beginners in this section and our apache web server tutorial.

We add at least one new php tutorial a day. We will gradually increase the complexity of the php training material so that it moves up from beginners to intermediate to complex over a period of time.

Do hop onto our Open source tutorial forum for a quick look while you are here. There are a lot of people who use it regularly, its lively and almost all of your PHP queries would get answered quickly.

September 12, 2016
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