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Platinum SEO Plugin Description & Download


The Platinum SEO Plugin offers a complete onsite SEO solution for your WordPress blog. The Platinum SEO Plugin offers all the functionalities of the All In One SEO plugin. In Short, It optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization).

The configuration pages for Platinum and All-in-One are similar, but Platinum SEO plugin adds a lot of additional capabilities:
• Platinum SEO can automatically do 301 redirects for permalink changes
• Independently set noindex for author-based archives, as well as category, date and tag-based
• Set noindex for paginated comment displays
• Set noindex on RSS and RSS comments feeds
• Set noindex for sub-pages
• Add noodp (Open Directory Project) and noydir (Yahoo! Directories) tags
• Add nofollow to category and/or date-based archive listings on pages and/or posts
• Add nofollow to tag page links
• Add nofollow to external links on front page
• Add nofollow to login and registration links


Open a Browser window and enter in its Address bar and hit GO.
In the Google search windows that opens search for platinum seo plugin download as shown in Diagram 1.

diagram1 Diagram 1

In the Search results window Click on the link as shown in Diagram 2.

diagram2 Diagram 2

When opens in the Browser window, click on Download Version 1.3.X on the right hand side, in order to download the WordPress Platinum SEO Pack Plugin to your local computer as shown in Diagram 3.

diagram3 Diagram 3

Select the Save File radio button, and save the zip file to your hard disk. Click OK, as shown in Diagram 4.

diagram4 Diagram 4

On click of OK, a file browser will open up. Navigate to an appropriate folder on your hard disk and save the to your local computer, eg: “X:\ platinumseo\” Here X represents an appropriate drive letter on your computer, as shown in Diagram 5. The zip file would be successfully downloaded and saved in this folder.

diagram5 Diagram 5

May 5, 2016
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