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Platinum SEO Installation

To install the WordPress Platinum SEO plugin on your WordPress driven Blog, login to WordPress as administrator, by simply entering the url_of_your_website/wp-admin in your Browser. Enter the appropriate username and password {which was provided while installing WordPress} and then click on Log In as shown in Diagram 1.

diagram1 Diagram 1

After logging in as WordPress Admin, a Dashboard page opens as shown in Diagram 2.

The Dashboard provides access to different WordPress functions and features.

diagram2 Diagram 2

In the left menu, locate the link Plugins. Click on Plugins, from the drop down menu that appears click on Add New as shown in Diagram 3.

diagram3 Diagram 3

The Install Plugins page opens. Click on Upload, in order to upload the Plugin into your WordPress Blog as shown in Diagram 4.

diagram4 Diagram 4

In the page that is displayed click on Browse as shown in Diagram 5.

NOTE: The plugin must be in .zip format, to be uploaded to your WordPress Blog via this interface.

diagram5 Diagram 5

After clicking Browse a file navigator window opens. Navigate to the appropriate folder on your hard disk where the WordPress Platinum SEO plugin’s zip file has been downloaded and saved.

Select the WordPress Platinum SEO Plugin ( file ) by clicking on it once and then click Open as shown in Diagram 6.

diagram6 Diagram 6

The zip file name appears in the text box adjacent to Browser.

Click Install Now in order to upload the file and install it into the WordPress framework as shown in Diagram 7.

diagram7 Diagram 7

A few seconds after clicking Install, you should see the – Plugin installed successfully – message as shown in Diagram 8.

Next activate the Platinum SEO Plugin for your WordPress blog,

Activate the plugin by clicking – Activate Plugin – as shown in Diagram 8.

diagram8 Diagram 8

The message “Plugin activated” is displayed as shown in Diagram 9.

diagram9 Diagram 9

The WordPress Platinum SEO Plugin for WordPress is now successfully installed and activated.

May 5, 2016
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