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Prior WordPress Installation

WordPress! is a product completely crafted out of PHP. It’s built to dovetail into Apache2 perfectly.

It’s install process is simplicity in itself.

The WordPress Full_Package setup file downloaded from is a zipped file. Extract the contents of the archive using WinZip or any other archiving tool as shown in diagram 1.

diagram1Diagram 1

During extraction, all the files contained in the archive will be extracted to a folder, named – wordpress – as shown in Diagram 2.

diagram2Diagram 2

You are now ready to install WordPress CMS on your local computer.

WordPress CMS is normally installed on your local computer within a folder that is controlled by Apache Web Server.

NOTE: The installation and configuration of Apache Web Server is given in another tutorial on this website.

The parent folder in which WordPress is installed on an Internet based host server is normally public_html.

Hence your local computer should have a folder like D:\public_html.

NOTE: Normally the folder public_html is at root level. Not within another folder.

You can create D:\public_html using Windows explorer as shown in diagram 3.

diagram3Diagram 3

Once D:\public_html is created create a folder named wordpress within it.

Now Apache Web server needs to be informed of the existence of D:\public_html\wordpress.

This is done by adding virtual domain codespec to Apache´s httpd.conf file.

The technique for doing this is described in Creating A WordPress Virtual Domain Under Apache tutorial on this website, which is the next tutorial in this series.

September 9, 2016
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