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Reset WordPress MultiBlog User Password

In this tutorial, we will cover how to reset WordPress Multi Blog and Multi User Password.

Let us consider how to reset Prerna’s WordPress Blog Password.

To reset the WordPress Multi Blog user Password in your WordPress driven Blog, login to WordPress as administrator, by simply entering the url_of_your_website/wp-admin in your Browser. Enter the appropriate username and password {which was provided while installing WordPress} and then click on Log In as shown in Diagram 1.

Diagram 1

In WordPress 3.0, you had a new menu for Super Admin, but as of 3.1 you have an entire sub-section for Network Admin. The link can be found on the upper-right of all admin screens, as shown in Diagram 2.

Click on Network Admin to switch to WordPress network section.

Diagram 2

In the left menu, locate the link Users. Click Users from the drop down menu that appears click All Users as shown in Diagram 3.

Diagram 3

A list of all users included in the network can be viewed in this WordPress Users Admin Page as shown in Diagram 4.

Click Edit of the respective network user whose password is required to be changed as shown in Diagram 4.

Diagram 4

Scroll to the end of the page and locate New Password. Enter the passwords in the textbox adjacent to the label New Password and click on Update User as shown in Diagram 5.

Diagram 5

Now open a new Browser tab and enter prerna dot multibloguser dot com/wp-admin in it address bar and hit GO or Enter. The Admin login form of Prerna’s Blog will be seen in the Browser tab as shown in Diagram 6.

Enter the username and new password in the respective textbox. Click Log In to get to the Admin Dashboard of Prerna’s Blog as shown in Diagram 6.

Diagram 6

The Admin Dashboard of Prerna’s Blog opens as shown in Diagram 7.

Diagram 7

Now you have multiple separate Blogs. The parent Blog named WP Multi Blog User Site and Prerna’s Blog, both having different login ID and passwords.

April 28, 2016
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