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What Is A Joomla Template?

The Joomla template is a set of PHP files, created and held within the Joomla Content Management System, which controls exactly how Joomla presents website content to a site visitor.

What Is A Joomla Template Used For?

The Joomla template is a framework that brings together common design elements, such as text, images, podcasts, videos, Cascading Style Sheets ( i.e. CSS files ) and more which are all very much part of website content to be delivered to site visitors.

A Joomla template can be conceptualized as a container that positions and displayed the content of various Joomla modules and components required by the web page.

How Many Types Of Templates Are Needed By Joomla?

There are two different templates required by Joomla:
One template is used to display site content to site visitors
The other template displays the Joomla Administration User interface

To anyone who logs in as the Joomla CMS administrator

Where Do These Templates Come From?

When Joomla is first installed several templates are automatically installed as well. Four of the templates installed are used for determining the look and feel of what a site visitors sees when they visit the website.

Two of the templates installed are specifically for displaying content to the Joomla Administrator.

Where Are Additional Joomla Templates Found?

There are tons and tons of Joomla templates, of both types, i.e. site visitor and Joomla administrator, available on various websites.

A large percentage of these templates are available completely free ( i.e. no cost involved ).These templates are of surprisingly high quality.

All one has to do is:
Download a template of choice
Install this template within Joomla CMS.
Inform Joomla that this is the default user or admin template that it should use

There is a smaller percentage of website that sell, what is often termed, as premium Joomla templates.Most of these templates are of exceptional quality and have extensive support available if you ever get stuck when using them.

There are also very many talented designer available who can make custom templates.
You can also make your own Joomla User or Admin template as well.

How Does A Joomla Template Work?

The Joomla template is essentially an empty container that has several pre-defined spaces within it. Each of these spaces can be identified by Joomla by its name. Website content such as text, images, podcasts, videos and more are entered into Joomla via its Admin User Interface and stored within Joomla database tables.

What Joomla does when a site visitor signals that they wish to view a Joomla web page, is that:
It goes to its database tables
Retrieves appropriate material from within its database tables for that specific web page
Loads this material into specific empty spaces within the Joomla template
Delivers the fully loaded template to the visitors Browser as the web page requested for

The pre-defined spaces within a Joomla template which Joomla loads with content from its database tables are called module positions.There are multiple, pre-created, module positions defined within every Joomla template’s code. Anyone who has a working knowledge of, HTML / CSS / JS and PHP can open a template’s code and either rearrange the module positions or even add new module positions to the template.

Building a Joomla template from scratch that has a specific look and feel is also relatively easy.

What Are The Advantages Of A Joomla Template To Display Website Content?

There is a complete separation of web site content and its presentation, Cascading Style Sheets being used to control the presentation of the website content. This approach is what helps Joomla meet modern web standards.

A new look for the Joomla driven web site can be applied almost instantly. All that has to be done is to replace the current template with a new one. The new template can have different module positions; hence will display web site content in new positions. The new template can have new colors and images, so the look and feel of the Joomla website can be changed completely in a jiffy.

Can I Use Multiple Templates With Joomla?

Yes, Joomla is flexible enough to use different templates for different web pages. Hence the overall look and feel of different sections of any Joomla driven website need not be a boring and repetitive.The Joomla CMS will have to be informed of which template must be used with which web page content via the Joomla Admin interface.

What Are The Default Templates Installed When Joomla 3.X Installs?

Default User Template Names:

Default Admin Template Names:

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