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Read this Blog post to learn how to write a Blog post quickly, while still delivering awesome quality and content.

When I attend Blogging meetups I’m often asked how long it takes for me to create one of my Blog posts, my usual reply is around 180 minutes. This almost always leads to a gasp and/or chuckle of disbelief from all those listening, occasionally a definite sneer of disbelief.

Then the question comes, what’s the average number of words contained in your Blog post?

My answer:
Usually around 1500 to 2000 average.

This is normally followed by a pregnant silence when the people around are trying to figure out whether:

  • To continue the conversation with me
  • I’m giving them a great line of BS
  • I’m onto something magical in the Blog post creation department

Fortunately there’s no BS and definitely nothing magical I can call upon (how I’d love that) to help me create my Blog posts.

My Blog Post Creation System

Total Blog Creation Time

I follow a system, that’s evolved over time, which helps me do create a 1500 to 2000 word Blog post regularly. In this Blog post I’m going to share my system with you. I promise, if you use this system it will dramatically shorten the time you take to create your own Blog posts AND you will be able to both notice and measure this.

Truthfully, earlier I used to spend anywhere between 8 hours to three days to create the very same Blog post, now this has reduced to about 3 hours on an average.

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