Writing A Guest Blog Post? – This Checklist Will Help

Okay so you’ve decided that writing guest Blog post is a great way to get good quality back links for your site. Now comes the tricky part of crafting your guest Blog posts such that they will be accepted on the special Blog site with a page rank of 9. You are sure that if a site has such a high page rank it’s not going to accept a badly crafted guest Blog post. You are absolutely right.

The guest Blog post adds unique value to the host Blog by providing fresh and valuable content to the host Blog site visitors and the host Blog site gives a valuable do follow, back link, for the guest Blog poster’s website in return.

Obviously any guest Blog post must match the overall content of the host Blog. You may have a completely different point of view, but this POV must somehow connect to the host Blogger’s content and add value to their site visitors. A completely off topic guest Blog post is rarely accepted.

In order to be certain that my guest Blog post is accepted and published, ( I really do want the do follow back link ) I use a check list which helps ensure that I deliver the very best quality guest Blog post. I’m sharing my check list here. Perhaps it would help you write guest Blog posts that are welcomed anywhere where they are appropriate.

Following a check list is a marvelous way of developing a structured ( hence repeatable ) way of crafting guest Blog posts. Employing a structured approach ensures that you do not make crucial errors that will cause your guest Blog post to be rejected out of hand by the host.

On the other hand using a structured approach to craft a guest Blog post is definitely not a 100% guarantee that your guest Blog post will be accepted. Using a structured approach increases the possibility that your guest Blog post being accepted when compared to you crafting your guest Blog post using a random approach.

My checklist is as follows:

Do A Careful Blog Search:

To get appropriate exposure for your site, you have search carefully for sites that offer similar ( or parallel) content to your site.

These sites should have a search engine, page rank either equal to your website or ( preferably ) higher. For the very best fit for your guest Blog post your host site should have content that belongs to the same ( or similar ) niche as your guest Blog post content.

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