Yes You Can Make Your WordPress Admin Dashboard Look Unique

WordPress is probably the most commonly used Content Management Systems (CMS) in use on the Internet. There are tens of thousands WP themes available for use today. Tons are free some are modestly priced. 98% of these WP themes are focused on the delivering a great user experience to site visitors. They are what is called front end themes. Regretfully, the WordPress Admin Dashboard stays boringly the same across all these fabulous looking websites.

Selling premium WordPress themes that are used to skin a WP driven website is a really big business. Turning around millions of dollars for the websites that sell such themes and the theme creators. Okay, okay, so not all WP theme creators are turning around millions of dollars but a good many are, which is why WP theme creation and its selling is in truth a big business.

Most unfortunately, the WordPress Admin dashboard theme has been woefully ignored. This theme is visually (and boringly) exactly the same as early WordPress days.

WordPress version 3.8 did take some (baby?) steps to allow WP users to customize the Admin dashboard user interface. Even with the release of WordPress 4.0, complete freedom for users to customize the WP Admin dashboard has not been granted to WordPress adopters.

In this material Id really like to take a close look at some of the best WordPress Admin dashboard themes available today. All of these themes are packaged as plugins. This makes their installation a piece of cake. Today its quite possible to have a completely unique, great looking WP Admin dashboard that actually matches with the website brand, look and feel, while remaining easy for WP Admin users to navigate around.


Cost: 14 USD/- at the time of creating this material.

Available at Codecanyon

The WPShapere admin login screen is as shown in diagram 1.

WP Shapere WordPress Admin Theme Diagram 1

WPShapere is crafted as a WordPress plugin. It really is a powerful tool with which to fully customize the WordPress admin theme of your WordPress installation. It will totally white label the WordPress admin section.

When you build a WordPress driven website for your client and you want create a great customized WordPress Admin dashboard WPShapere is really a great way to go. WPShapere offers the ability to completely re-skin the default WP Admin dashboard up to and including a fully customized Admin login which displays either your own or your clients logo.

WPShapere has a really simple to use user interface that manages all the colors and elements of any WordPress Admin dashboard.

Additionally, WPShapere works perfectly in a WordPress Multi-site network:

  1. You can customize the whole networks Admin dashboard themes as Super admin
  2. You can let each of your network Blog admins to customize their Admin dashboard theme individually

Retina Press

Cost: 14 USD/- at the time of creating this material.

Available at Codecanyon

The Retina Press admin login screen is as shown in diagram 2.

Retina Press WordPress Admin Theme Diagram 2

Retina Press conforms to the usual WordPress Admin dashboard look and feel works perfectly with clients who have used WordPress for some time.

While conforming to the usual look and feel of the WordPress Admin dashboard, using Retina Press you can customize Admin theme colors, pick your own colors to match the look and feel of the Website. Upload the company logo for display in the Admin login screen and so much more.

Retina Press WordPress Admin dashboard plugin also supports multi-site functionality. Best of all, it completely responsive and works across a multitude of mobile devices perfectly.

Here are some pretty compelling reasons to use Retina Press:

  • Choose custom colors to match your brand and website look and feel
  • The Admin UI looks professional to all your client base
  • Clean Design
  • jQuery animated accordion menu
  • Custom login page with changeable logo
  • Retina support
  • Browser support & tablet
  • iPhone style switches
  • Easy install
  • Monthly updates!

Blue Press

Cost: 14 USD/- at the time of creating this material.

Available at Codecanyon

The Blue Press admin login screen is as shown in diagram 3.

Blue Press WordPress Admin Theme Diagram 3

Blue Press will give your WordPress Admin dashboard a Facebook inspired look and feel making it a great option for socially powered WordPress driven website.

It comes pre-packed with the following color schemes:

  • Blue
  • Turquoise
  • YellowGreen
  • DarkOrange
  • Violet
  • FireBrick

These color schemes can be switched in seconds and would most likely have a good match to your WordPress driven website color scheme, look and feel.

Blue Press, supports custom login pages, and one can also change the icons in the Admin menus as shown in diagram 4.

Blue Press WordPress Admin Theme 1 Diagram 4

Here are some great reasons why you could go with Blue Press:

  • Support WordPress 4.0
  • You can custom login image and login image url.
  • 6 color schemes: Blue, Turquoise, YellowGreen, DarkOrange, Violet, FireBrick
  • You can custom text on footer left and right.
  • Social style with many color schemes to match your brand
  • Look clean and professional to your client
  • Easy install and use
  • Custom login page, change icon menu on admin page
  • Responsive design. Support for PC browser, tablet and mobile
  • Work well on WPMU

Modern Admin

Cost: 14 USD/- at the time of creating this material.

Available at Codecanyon

The Modern admin login screen is as shown in diagram 5.

Modern Admin WP Theme Diagram 5

Modern Admin is flat, Retina ready WordPress Admin dashboard theme. The look and feel of this theme can truly transform your WordPress Admin dashboard completely.

Modern Admin, loads in a blink, clearly inspired by Windows, and obeys all current design trends. In short its awesome and very flexible and customizable.

Here are some really valid reasons to go with Modern Admin:

  • Clean design
  • 5 color schemes: Blue (default), Green, Red, Yellow, Purple (and more free colors in the future)
  • Additionally a custom color picker
  • Custom login
  • Custom logo text/image
  • Choose your own icons
  • Retina support
  • Easy install
  • Multilanguage support
  • Import/export settings
  • Auto update via WordPress admin

A quick look at some of the Modern Admin user interfaces, they are as shown in diagram 6.

Modern Admin WordPress Admin Theme 1 Diagram 6

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